Hullo, bookdragons!

How are things going? I hope you haven’t been squashed by your TBR pile or whisked away to an alternate dimension where dark monsters roam. I’ve been not-so-active lately because I spent the whole week preparing for a culminating activity that involved dancing my bones off and spending 99% of my time in school which left me no time for reading and blogging. What else is new?

Anyway, I’m back with a post that can help you in ruling the world. I’m introducing you to to six (or seven) ways to conquer your TBR pile. Yes, I know that this seems to be an impossible task but we just have to try okay? We need to believe that we can read all the books in the world with enough strength, will, determination, and blood rituals.


• They love books that much

• It will give them a sense of satisfaction

• ‎All their children deserve equal attention

• ‎It brings them one step closer to world domination

• ‎The dark forces demand big things



• Learn to DNF books

I know this is as difficult to do as leaving your mundane life to fulfill a grim prophecy but it’s something that bookdragons shouldn’t be ashamed of doing. A wise person (a.k.a. me) once said that your life is too short and your TBR pile too high for you to waste your time on a book you don’t enjoy reading. In case you didn’t know, DNF means “did not finish” which is a term we often use during tragic times.

Of course, even I find it hard to DNF books but there are things you need to do to survive decrease your TBR pile.

• Listen to audiobooks

WHERE ARE ALL MY AUDIOBOOK WARRIORS AT? If you don’t consider listening to audiobooks as reading, get off my lawn now. When I got back to reading audiobooks, my reading progress really improved. With audiobooks, I can actually read while doing other things like taking bookstagram pictures, eating ice cream, and sketching world domination blueprints.

Listening to audiobooks makes you more productive with other things while being immersed in a book. It’s the secret to decreasing your TBR pile and YOU NEED TO TRY IT OUT.

Here are some audiobooks you need to try out:






• ‎Read multiple books at once

Okay, I can hear your protests from all around town but just hear me out for a minute. Not everyone is a fan of reading multiple books but in my experience, it really does help in accomplishing my reading goals. The secret to reading more than one book is to READ THEM IN DIFFERENT FORMATS. I sometimes read three books—one paperback, one ebook, and one audiobook. The difference in formats makes reading multiple books less confusing and your attention won’t be as divided.

• ‎Beat the backlist

You can conquer your TBR pile if you beat the backlist. I know how new releases can take up time to read but you should also pay attention to the books at the bottom of your TBR pile or they’ll kill you in your sleep otherwise.

2018 for me was the year of backlist titles and I’m aiming to read more this year. Unfortunately, I’ve been focusing on ARCs lately so the state of my backlist pile is not great.

Here are some backlist books I want to read this year:











• ‎Set up alarms

It’s difficult to read when procrastination is in front of your face all the time. I always find myself plunged into the Twitter void for hours while my brain constantly scolds me but I just CAN’T STOP SCROLLING DOWN. Twitter is a blackhole I can’t run away from. That’s why I set up alarms on my phone and set up a reading schedule to remind myself that there are books waiting for me.

If you want to conquer your TBR pile, set up a reading schedule. Set up alarms. 24 hours in a day will never be enough so being conscious of time will be a huge help in achieving your reading goals.

• Sacrifice enemy hearts

• Read to your heart’s content

READ. READ. READ. Don’t let the world stop you from spending time with your children. Of course, don’t force yourself to read if your schedule is too busy or if you’re not in the mood to hold a book. Read whenever you can and read wildly. Devour the book and show the world just how much of a great dragon you are. Travel through books and keep spreading bookdragon fire.


There you go. I’m hoping that my tips are going to help you get through life. If you have more thoughts on how to conquer the TBR problem, leave your tips below!


Do you think you can conquer your TBR pile while you live? What are some of the things you do to cope with all the books you need to read? Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Ah yeah, I always pressure myself into finishing EVERY book – I never DNF anything because I feel like I’m being too mean! 🙈 And I used to be one of those people who couldn’t use audiobooks, but now I listen to them ALL THE TIME! I love them so much! I read Sadie as an audio, and it was great! 😀

    I still need to read some of the books you included in your backlist, so oops, I guess I’m guilty of that, too… Great post, Rain!


  2. I used to have a really hard time DNF ing a book, but I’ve learned it’s just not worth my time to read something I don’t enjoy. Also, audiobooks are AMAZING and I would be lost without them. I love being able to do other things while still conquering my TBR! Illuminae is an awesome book, and I hope you enjoy it! Plus, the audio version is fantastic, I would highly recommend!! 😄


  3. This is such a lovely post… made me smile a lot which you always manage to do 😊😊😊
    I’ve gotten pretty good at DNFng these days because as a big mood reader, I would be in reading slumps all the time otherwise.. And I love my audiobooks… definitely my lifesavers especially when I cook and clean… listening to these amazing narrators makes my day better 😊😊😊


  4. I think I better go find something to sacrifice in a black magic ritual because I don’t see my TBR growing smaller anytime soon… ha hah
    But I really need to learn to DNF books tho! That would probably help (at least a little! 😐) because if I’m not enjoying a book it takes me forever to read it!
    Great post! I will be trying some of the tips for sure! 🤗


    1. I’m happy that you liked the post! Black magic helps a bit but it’s kinda unreliable. DNFing books is a much plausible way to conquer your TBR pile! I know you can do this 😁

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  5. These are some brilliant tips, Rain! I read audio books too because I get to multi-task (making design graphics for my blog, cleaning, etc.) while enjoying myself because of the audio book. I also set up reading schedules once I get home from work, and it’s stuck with me ever since. 😊 I could not, for the life of me, read multiple books at once, though. 🙈🙈

    But I love the advice to read multiple books in different formats. That way it can’t be overwhelming. I might give that a shot, actually! I absolutely love all of your advice for this post, and I definitely needed this post considering how I want to find other ways in conquering my growing TBR. Thanks for writing this, Rain! 😍


    1. I’M GLAD THIS POST HELPED YOU IN SO MANY WAYS! Audiobooks are blessings thank you very much. I hope reading multiple books in different formats works for you. I’ll be crossing my fingers over here!

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  6. I wish I could read multiple books at once but I am unable to that, I sometimes get confused so I prefer not to do it. Also DNF-ing wanna start doing it I feel horrible when I even think about it, it makes me feel really bad for so many reasons 😭


    1. It’s normal to feel guilty about the DNF thing and of course don’t force yourself to do it if you can’t. Reading multiple books really works if you read books in different formats. It takes a lot of time to get used to the habit but it’ll grow on you if you give it a shot.

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  7. Strange the Dreamer, Warcross, and Uprooted are on my TBR as well! Sadly, only certain audiobooks work for me, since they can’t be too “difficult”. It sounds stupid, but I only listen to audiobooks when cycling from home to college and it takes me an hour to get there (and another one to get back of course). The only thing is, that besides the 40 minutes I cycle on just a straight road, the other 20 of the way are in busy cities and many people, cars, other bikers, everything to watch out for, so thanks to my ADHD, I can’t concentrate that well 😦 Still hoping to find some new ones soon because I don;t have any right now!


    1. No it doesn’t sound ridiculous at all! It’s good that you listen to audiobooks while cycling. I get the struggle with all the noise though. Sadie is a really great audiobook! Highly recommend it if you need one 😊

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    1. YES! Joining readathons really help I guess. I didn’t include that in here because I FAIL MISERABLY AT READATHONS. I’m glad you find it useful and lots of my friends do so too! I hope I can actually manage to join one successfully too.


  8. I love your tips, I think some of them might really help, except the DNF one, for 2 reasons: I read reviews and stuff before adding a book to my tbr, so it’s mostly things I enjoy. Usually the boring books are the ones I NEED to read haha. And if I dont finish a book, IT HAUNTS ME FOREVER. believe me, I’ve tried doing so before.
    Fun fact: if I keep up my reading speed, and never add another book to my tbr, it will take me 2 1/2 years to finish it


  9. We all need help with our TBR pile, mine always seems to be getting bigger instead of smaller.
    I am trying to beat the backlist, I have done quite well the past year but I am hoping to be better this year. I want to read warcross and illuminae too 😊
    I need to get better at DNF because I have so many other books I could be reading and enjoying instead of pushing myself through it.
    I also think sorting your goodreads shelf is good because some books I no longer want to be on my TBR because I don’t fancy it or my reading tastes have changed. And it makes be feel more in control when I have sorted it out haha 😂
    Now I am going to get back to sacrificing my enemies hearts… I mean reading, definitely meant reading 😂😉


    1. Why didn’t I think of organizing the goodreads shelf??? IT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA THANKS FOR THE TIP. Highly recommend sacrificing enemy hearts, um, I mean reading. I definitely meant reading 😉

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      1. Haha you’re welcome. I did it a few months ago and afterwards I felt more organised but then I added like hundreds more haha 😂😂 Thanks for all your tips as well– I always need more help with handling my TBR.
        Haha of course 😂😉


  10. The dark forces do demand big things, yes, that’s very true.

    Dnfing books is really a good thing to do – not just to minimise tbr, but also because reading should be fun!

    I just added the text-to-speech option on my Kindle and while the voice isn’t perfect, it’s still great!
    Honestly I’m planning to leave my TBR pile in my will – pass it down and all.


  11. These are great tips! I used to be very opposed to reading multiple books at a time, but I started doing it just this year and it has helped me read so much more! Before, when I wasn’t in the mood to read my current book, I’d just… not read. But now when I’m not in the mood for one book I’ll just pick up another one, and that in turn makes me want to come back to my other book!


  12. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of setting alarms, but that’s such a good idea! DNFing books has been one of my best friends this year, sadly, but I’m also getting into audiobooks a lot more lately and it really is so helpful!


  13. Okayyy this is actually helpful in some ways. I do apply some of it like reading multiple books at a time and beating the backlist. And because of that, I am SO behind new releases as I’ve been reading backlist a lot lately 😂 Anyway, thank you for the tips! I need to apply this or else I’ll never be able to read anything 😅 xx

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  14. Ahhhhh, yes. Definitely needed this post!! Lol. Thus far, sacrificing my enemies’ hearts has been the best to ward off my TBR. Except that it turns out that enemies are in high demand at the moment, and finding them is quite difficult.

    However, I am notorious for reading multiple books at once! Often times they’re the same format (oops), but I like to read a fiction and nonfiction, along with an audiobook because, like, life’s too short, man! Never been good at DNFing books, though… 🙄


    1. I get thw DNF struggle! I’m still struggling with it tbh. I think the combination of a fiction and non-fiction book plus an audiobook is perfect. WAY TO GO MULTI-TASKING QUEEN.

      I’m sorry about the enemy hearts things. I hope things will get better soon 😔

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  15. Learning to DNF books has honestly been such a lifesaver for me! I swear a lot of my slumps are a result of my forcing a book that I am not enjoying, and that just isn’t a way to live my bookish life!

    The rest of this list are great as well! Audiobooks are good if you have a better attention span than me, I don’t have a commute so I don’t have a good opportunity for listening and not getting distracted by everything else in the world. I am trying though, because I love them!

    What works well for me is setting aside a habit. I read before bed and if it’s 15 minutes or 3 hours until I fall asleep, I know that time is there for me.


    1. I actually have a short attention span but I love audiobooks all the same 😂

      WE SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO READ SOMETHING WE DO NOT ENJOY. I’m glad DNFing books works for you tbh. It’s a necessary thing to do during difficult times.

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  16. Yes to EVERYTHING! I’ve been reading twice as much thanks to audiobooks, it also helps when i read multiple books in different formats. And i don’t DNF much because i’m stubborn but i still do it when i can’t find anything redeemable about the book!

    Great post! 💖

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  17. I really need to go through and clean up my TBR list. There are a bunch of books on it that I wanted to read at one point, but am just not really into anymore…

    Anyway some awesome advice! Especially glad that you added audiobooks, because they are literally the only way I read these days!


    1. Thank you for reading this post! I’ve been told that cleaning the TBR pile can be helpful but I don’t know how to do that yet?? I seem to be willing to drown in all the books tbh. I’m glad you love audiobooks too! They’re blessings to this world


  18. I’ve DNFed books this year. It’s so freeing! I’ve slogged through quite a few books that I hated…and why? I definitely need to stop doing that!

    I really want to get into audiobooks, but I struggle with them. >.<


  19. I’m getting better with DNF-ing books I cannot get into, but I haven’t found an audiobook that keeps me hooked and keeps my mind from wandering. I really want to though.


    1. It’s really difficult to stay focused while listening to audiobooks but you’ll get used to them eventually. Sadie or Illuminae are two great audiobooks! They’re good starting points

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