Hullo, bookdragons!

After hinting at this post multiple times in the past, it’s finally here! Before we get to the actual recommendations list, let me be sappy for a minute. I really need to thank webcomics for getting me through the year of 2020. I only started reading them last year and boy am I thankful for that because they made my year one million times better. Online university classes gave me loads of anxiety and reading webcomics helped me fight a lot of negative thoughts and just gave me a place to escape for a little while. Sure, I also have books to thank for this but webcomics are relatively easier to read when my exhausted brain refuses to read huge blocks of texts for hours on end. All the amazing stories coupled with gorgeous art gave me sure bursts of serotonin when I needed them. If you’re also into reading webcomics, I’m sure you know this feeling all too well. If you’re not, then I hope this post helps you in finding the same joy that I had while reading these stories. Once you start reading webtoons, I’m sure you’ll find it hard to stop.

Emotional ramblings aside, there are a few more things I would like to point out:

1. All the webcomics in this post can be read on the WEBTOON app or website. You can also read webcomics on sites like Tappytoon or Tapas but I’m a WEBTOON girl so all of my recommendations are from there.

2. All the webcomics on this post are WEBTOON Originals. This means that these webcomics have exclusive contracts with WEBTOON. I will most probably make a list featuring webtoons from Canvas soon to show my support to smaller creators but it may take some time. I still need to read more of them so I can come up with a list worth sharing.

3. All the synopses used in this post were lifted directly from WEBTOON. I am pretty good at gushing about books but I cannot, for the life of me, summarize them adequately. I guess a dragon really can’t have everything 😔

4. If you see me being repetitive with some phrases used in this post, please look away. My two remaining brain cells can be uncreative when they’re excited.


People who have been using the app for a long time may be familiar with the ins and outs of it all but I want this post to be understandable for everyone so I will be providing some information below that may help people who are still on the starting point of their webtoon journey. You may skip this part if you already know this stuff. I may also be overdoing things by including all these information but I digress. I have time on my hands to ramble.

What are WEBTOON Originals?

These are webcomics that have exclusive contracts with WEBTOON and have regular scheduled updates. Their episodes can be downloaded for offline reading and creators can put animations and sound effects on their episodes. They also have fast pass.

What is WEBTOON Canvas?

This is a self-publishing platform where creators can upload their works and WEBTOON has no influence on them. Episodes usually don’t have regular updates since updating schedules depend on the creators’ availability.

What is a Daily Pass?

Some completed webtoons have locked episodes and you can unlock them via Daily Pass. There is usually one Daily Pass per day which you can use to unlock an episode for free. If you want to binge the whole series and can’t wait for the next day to read the remaining episodes, you can use coins to unlock episodes.

What is a Fast Pass?

This allows you to read episodes earlier than their scheduled release dates. Coins can be used to unlock Fast Pass episodes.

What are WEBTOON coins?

This is an in-app currency that can be used to unlock episodes. You can buy coins on the Coin Shop but WEBTOON launches a lot of challenges that allow readers to win free coins. Personally, I don’t buy coins. I win them*.

*This sounds kinda cool but it’s just code for “I am too broke to buy coins” 🤘

It seems like I’ve rambled on for too long. Let’s get started!


Gourmet Hound by Leehama

Status: Completed

Genre: Drama

Description: Lucy, a woman with an uncanny sense of taste and smell, discovers that her favorite restaurant has changed kitchen staff–and she does not know the identity of the chef whose cooking she’s loved for years. When a lucky accident leads her to two former chefs at Dimanche, she decides that she will do her utmost to track down each of their old colleagues in order to rediscover that “perfect taste”.

Well, this might be my most favorite webtoon of all time. I’m more of a fantasy reader who’s usually bored by Drama and Slice of Life but this story completely shattered my preconceptions. I was totally hooked by all the story arcs because they’re SO WELL-WRITTEN. This story is magical in the sense that it evokes a warm feeling inside your chest as if you’re under some kind of spell. I love how casually diverse the characters are. This webtoon has a huge cast but everyone seems so fleshed out that you get attached to every single one of them, even the side characters. Gourmet Hound also celebrates food from a lot of different cultures (yes this webtoon will make you hungry), including Filipino. I’m pretty sure the male lead is Filipino (it wasn’t explicitly said but I’m claiming it nonetheless) and I may or may not have teared up when he baked pandesal. This intricate story that explores grief, friendship, and family will leave both your heart and stomach full by the end of it. It’s also completed so you don’t have to wait for updates plus you don’t need daily passes to binge it.

Tower of God by SIU

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy

Description: What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it’s here.

I am obsessed with this webtoon. As soon as I finished all 485 episodes, I felt hollow inside because I still need MORE. I didn’t like it at first because I was not vibing with the art and the story but when I finally got immersed into the world and the overall plot, I could not let it go. It’s also amazing to see how Tower of God improved in terms of art and storytelling. When I look back at Season 1, I just want to weep because SIU’s work has improved so much and I AM PROUD. Tower of God offers an action-packed adventure that has so many layers your mouth will be hanging open once you realize how vast it is. Every story arc ties into a much bigger picture and I am still reeling because HOW CAN SOMEONE HAVE THE BRAINPOWER TO WRITE A STORY LIKE THIS? The description above doesn’t even adequately encompass what Tower of God is. I guess you just have to find out what it’s about because going into this blind will make your reading experience more exciting. I guess you can also watch the anime adaptation but the webtoon is better. However, I hope we get more seasons for the anime because the later parts of Tower of God is better than the first season. It deserves to be bigger than it already is.

Your Letter by Hyeon A Cho

Status: Completed

Genre: Drama

Description: Sori is a special young girl – kind, caring and principled well beyond her years. Unfortunately, these are NOT the personality traits generally celebrated in middle school – especially Sori’s, where she’s bullied mercilessly for defending the defenseless until she herself becomes a target. To escape, she transfers to a new school where the same old problems begin to play out all over again – that is until a mysterious trail of letters leads Sori on a magical scavenger hunt through the hidden world that exists right below the surface of her new middle school. The mail trail is the work an anonymous guardian angel, whose mission seems to be to provide a soft landing for Sori at her new school. But who is this person? And why did he choose her? With each letter, secrets are revealed and bonds are formed – as Sori learns about friendship, flora, fauna and finding the good in people in this strange new environment.

In contrast to long-ass Tower of God, Your Letter only has 10 episodes. If you’re looking for a webtoon you can read in one sitting but will still punch you in the gut, you’ve found your perfect match. In this webtoon, a girl goes on a scavenger hunt to collect letters and found so much more along the way. Your Letter has the same magic and whimsy as all the quiet Ghibli films and that aspect made me love it even more. Even though it’s short, reading this was so fulfilling. I was swept away by the gorgeous art and I stayed for the interesting story that made me fuzzy inside. This is a story of friendship and courage that will leave you with a lot of feelings despite its short length. This is also being adapted into an animated series so you can read the webtoon while waiting for that.

Freaking Romance by Snailords

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance

Description: A sexy supernatural story about being out on your own, finding your dream apartment and discovering that your new place is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension. Sure, HE can’t see you and YOU can’t touch him, but who said every relationship starts out perfectly?

This webtoon straight up called me ugly because everyone here is beautiful you can’t even blame me for falling in love with them at first sight. Freaking Romance will make you swoon but it will also make you cry because PAIN (this doesn’t make a lot of sense i know). I read this when it was still ongoing and if you’re just starting this now, you’re lucky because you’re not going to experience all the painful cliffhangers Snailords loves so much. However, I forgive him for making me suffer because I really enjoyed my experience reading this webtoon. The characters are lovable (and very very beautiful) and the pacing is just right. I’m happy that this webtoon was not dragged out and ended smoothly with a satisfying conclusion. With 79 episodes, Freaking Romance will take you on a romantic adventure that will surprise you in more ways than one.

Devil Number 4 by Jangjing (Writer) and Woombeee (Artist)

Status: Completed

Genre: Supernatural

Description: When a down-on-her-luck student runs out of money – and hope – it’s time for the devil to make his entrance and give her an offer she can’t refuse. But this devil has problems of his own. He’s a cog in Satan’s corporate ladder, who’s quickly losing credibility because that same desperate girl isn’t ready to part with her soul willingly. Now, she’s working at his coffee shop while he tries to convince her that she can have it all. And the cost? Merely her mortal soul…

Technically, this webtoon is already completed because the main storyline has already concluded but spin-off episodes are still being updated so for now it’s considered as ongoing. Anyway, I absolutely loved this webtoon! Devil Number 4 offers a refreshing take on angels and devils. It also has a lot of tropes I love, including the reincarnation trope. Look, it just makes me feel things when I read love stories that transcend the boundaries of space and time. With its complex characters and wonderful world-building, Devil Number 4 is a supernatural romance you don’t want to miss. This deserves to be adapted into a drama 😭

Miss Abbott and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance

Description: Doctor Andreas Marino loves his quiet life, filled with work and simple amusements, and when the strange Miss Abbott arrives in his town he decides he doesn’t like her at all. Unfortunately, she’s funny and quirky, has an uncommon past, and seems to enjoy getting him in trouble. Welcome to a sketchy Victorian rom-com!

Goodreads says I read this in November. It’s been almost two months and I still can’t get over this webtoon. Miss Abbott and the Doctor is told in a series of pencil sketches. The art doesn’t have a lot of details but I never found it lacking. I’m not exaggerating when I say that colors and details just naturally materialized inside my head while reading. That’s how good the storytelling is. This webtoon has the healthiest relationships I have ever read, may they be romantic, familial, or platonic. I can’t stress how adorable and diverse the characters are. I just…LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Cati and Andreas are a top-tier couple because they don’t let misunderstandings ruin their relationship and they’re so supportive of each other. I can only hope to find a love like theirs in the future. This webtoon subverts a lot of romance tropes and the finale had me bawling my eyes out. This will become a Daily Pass series on January 23 so read it ASAP if you want to binge it without any restrictions. It’s definitely worth your time.

My Deepest Secret by Hanza Art

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Thriller

Description: Having a handsome, kind, and caring boyfriend like Elios means the world to Emma. Even a look at him makes her heart flutter. But little does she know about a secret that lies deep in their relationship. What is the said secret?

I am a fan of mystery and thriller which is why this webtoon got me hooked since Episode 1. This webtoon can get really dark (content/trigger warnings for violence, suicide, manipulative relationships, attempted sexual assault, emotional abuse and trauma) so please approach it with caution. I think the buildup of the mystery is pretty good and the big twist in Season 2 will probably take you by surprise. For me, it was a bit underwhelming but I’m still waiting for the next season for explanations. If you want to read a mystery thriller featuring a twisted romance, check this out.

Castle Swimmer by Wendy Lian Martin

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy

Description: What happens when your entire life is ruled by a prophecy – your future foretold by people you’ve never met, who died long before you were born. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. One believed to be a guiding light for his people, a Beacon who will lead them to a bright, prosperous future. The other is a teenage prince for who’s destiny is to KILL the Beacon so that HIS own people might thrive. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself – and a romance that nobody could have predicted.

It’s very easy to fall in love with this webtoon. If you don’t fall in love with it by the second panel, you’re probably lying to yourself. Castle Swimmer features precious fish boyfriends who are bound by affection and a cruel prophecy. This is a fluffy, wholesome webtoon that will make you smile a lot but will also hurt you in a lot of ways. It’s an immersive story that will take you to underwater wonders both scary and beautiful. Kappa and Siren are protagonists you can’t help but root for. I, for one, just want them to be happy together. With its jaw-dropping art and interesting plot, Castle Swimmer is a must-read webtoon for fantasy lovers and basically everyone who wants to read something tender and gorgeous.

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Romance

Description: Witness what the gods do…after dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories — The Taking of Persephone — as it’s never been told before.

This is one of the most popular webtoons of all time which is not surprising because it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s also the very first webtoon I have ever read which is why it has a special place in my heart. This Hades and Persephone retelling is an absolute delight to read. Rachel Smythe’s take on Greek mythology is very unique and it appealed to my Greek mythology-loving soul. Lore Olympus also gives so much dimension to well-known characters like the Greek gods. Although I’m not enjoying Season 2 as much as I did Season 1, this webtoon still deserves its place on this list. I’m still in love with the world and the characters. I just hope the story picks up again soon.

Nice to Meet You by Wishroomness

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Romance

Description: A ditsy university student Mew finds a lost student card. Instead of doing the sensible thing, Mew decides to let fate take the wheel and try something silly. Little did she know, she would be confronting the owner of the card, Daze who has some things to say about what she did. Did Mew make the biggest mistake of her life? or the best decision of her life? Follow these two adorable goofballs to find out!

The cute levels of this webtoon is OFF THE CHARTS. It doesn’t have a lot of episodes so far (34 episodes excluding Fast Pass) but it has already stolen my heart. I am so invested in this adorable story featuring a sunshine girl and a sort of grumpy boy. Nice to Meet You is funny and addictive with its cute characters and absolutely stunning artwork. I particularly love the pastel feels of the art style. This webtoon has the potential to wreck my life and I’m looking forward to how the story progresses.

The Witch and the Bull by Moonsia

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Tan’s job as the King’s royal advisor has nothing to do with his hatred for witches, but it does make him a prime target for a curse that turns him into a BULL! The only way to undo this hex is to rely on the beautiful witch, Aro. Can her kindness turn his feelings around, and break this spell?

If I had to rate the art of this webtoon, I would give it a 100 out of ten. I find myself staring at the panels longer than necessary because I just want the art etched into my eyeballs. The art style makes this fantasy webtoon even more magical. Aside from the art, The Witch and the Bull also has an engaging plot featuring a very pretty witch and a very handsome royal adviser who turned into a bull. I love the pacing plus I’m very invested in the story because there’s a certain mystery to it that I want to uncover. I’m excited to read more from this webtoon because it’s one of the most beautiful comics I have ever come across with.

Purple Hyacinth by Ephemerys and Sophism

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Mystery

Description: Her ability to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer of the law – despite being haunted by her inability to save the ones she loved from a gruesome fate many years ago. Now, she uses her powerful gift to defend the defenseless at any cost – even if it means teaming up with a deadly assassin to fight evil in a world gone mad.

The production of Purple Hyacinth is SO DAMN GOOD. The artwork is A+, the story is thick with mystery you can’t get enough of, and it also has an accompanying soundtrack that adds more dimension to the story. The creators know how to make this story engaging and that’s what makes them geniuses. They know how to play their strengths which is why I’m still blown away by all the content they release every single week. Purple Hyacinth has an unpredictable storyline and I’m also invested in the characters. Lauren is this stoic police officer who can’t get over her grief while Kieran is this blood-soaked assassin with a tragic backstory. Eventually, these characters from two opposite forces ended up as secret grudging allies for One Common Goal. You see now? I EAT THIS SHIP DYNAMIC WITH A GOLDEN SPOON. This multi-layered story will sweep you off your feet. I can’t recommend it enough.

Scorching Romance by Hongchi

Status: Completed

Genre: Romance

Description: Her blood runs hot, and her temper is even hotter – even when it’s the cold of winter. To lift the flaming curse she’s carried since she was a little girl, high schooler Ember must find her cold equivalent… But finding a match whose blood runs as cold as her’s does hot isn’t going to be easy, especially when the only way to turn the powerful curse away is to KISS that person right on their frigid lips. High school dramas usually run hot-and-cold, but there’s never been a story as fun and fiery as Scorching Romance!

I’m sad that this webtoon doesn’t get a lot of hype because it’s a very funny and engaging read I know a lot of people will love. The main ship consists of a grumpy girl and a very soft boy (must protecc) and I love them so much. This ship dynamic cannot be seen a lot but it’s definitely adorable. The main girl here has No Chill and she’s the one who tells the timid main boy to grow a spine and stand up for himself. The storyline is also very unique and it’s amazing how fantasy elements are mixed into the plot. There are curses and a lot of high school drama. In short, please read this comic or else I will cry. I can guarantee that this can make you laugh out loud. It will also give you a lot of feels. READ IT.

Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell by unfins

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy

Description: The girl of your dreams barely knows you exist. Your friends can’t help. Your family is clueless. So where do you turn for love advice? Who can provide you with that essential assistance for the lovelorn? If you’re average everyday teenager Paul, you summon a powerful demon from deep in the recesses of Hell and frankly, hope for the best.

I couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading this webtoon. The facial expressions of the characters are comedic gold and gave me so much serotonin. This webtoon is a huge meme. At first, I really thought this was just a no plot just vibes comedy but it took unexpected turns that sent me to the orbit. I was taken by surprise because I didn’t think that this story had an underlying, more meaningful plot to it. Read this if you want unpredictable stories that can make you laugh.

True Beauty by Yaongyi

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Romance

Description: After binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy comic book fan masters the art of makeup and sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl overnight. But will her elite status be short-lived? How long can she keep her real self a secret? And what about that cute boy who knows her secret?

To be completely honest, I think this webtoon has been dragging on for too long. However, I’m still including it on this list because it really had a huge impact on me when I first read it. By this I mean that I stayed up late to binge episodes and I spent a lot of time loving all the characters (they also hurt me a lot). Also, the drama is quite popular and I’m here to tell everyone that the webtoon version is also worth the read. I think Suho is softer here compared to his version in the drama (this is not an attack on Cha Eun-woo I am in love with him) and there are a lot of things in the webtoon that the drama did not include. Anyway, I hope this webtoon wraps up soon because it will not do any good for the story if it drags on any longer. (P.S. pls don’t attack me for this 🙂)


For the record, I haven’t read these webtoons yet but I’m including them in this post since this is a book blog and I want to showcase some books that were adapted into webtoons. Basically they’re on this post to let you know that they exist, in case these books are on your TBR and you’d rather read their webtoon versions. You may also be a fan of the books and want to check out the webtoon version of your faves.

Note: I have read The Weight of Our Sky (the book) but I haven’t read the webtoon yet. I have also read some episodes of Crown of Feathers but I’m not caught up with the webtoon and I haven’t read the book it’s based on.

The Weight of Our Sky by Hannah Alkaf (Author) and Nisrina A.N. (Artist)

Status: Completed

Genre: Historical

Description: A music loving teen with OCD does everything she can to find her way back to her mother during the historic race riots in 1969 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer (Author) and Alai Cinereo (Artist)

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Thriller

Description: Nita doesn’t hunt supernatural beings and sell their body parts on the black market – her mother does that. Nita only dissects the magical bodies for her mother. However, Nita’s about to get a real taste of the family business and there is no turning back. Now, Nita must decide whether she is willing to become a monster…

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh (Author) and SilvesterVitale (Artist)

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Khalid, the Caliph, takes a new bride each night only to have her executed at sunrise. So it is a suspicious surprise when Shahrzad volunteers to marry Khalid. However, Shahrzad has a clever plan – not only to stay alive – but to end the murderous King’s reign of terror once and for all.

Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto (Author) and Foxkirin (Artist)

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy

Description: In a world ruled by fierce warrior queens, a grand empire was built upon the backs of Phoenix Riders—legendary heroes who soared through the sky on wings of fire—until a war between two sisters ripped it all apart.Sixteen years later, Veronyka is a war orphan who dreams of becoming a Phoenix Rider from the stories of old. After a shocking betrayal from her sister, Veronyka sets out alone to find the fabled Phoenix Riders—and will stop at nothing to join their ranks.

The Fever King by Victoria Lee (Author) and SaraDeek (Artist)

Status: Completed

Genre: Superhero

Description: The sole survivor of a magical plague, Noam Álvaro is accepted into an academy where he will be expected to defend Carolinia, the nation that persecuted his family. Noam decides to use everything he learns to destroy Carolinia . . . that is until he becomes distracted by a mysterious and powerful classmate who warns him that nothing is as it seems.

That’s it! If you made it this far, thank you so much. I hope you discovered new webtoons to read through this post. If you’re new to webtoon, I hope you found a great title to kickstart your journey. I can guarantee that you won’t regret reading webtoons. They work like magic when you’re on a reading slump plus you can add these webcomics on Goodreads. They can get you one step closer to your Goodreads goal. Obviously this is a win-win situation.

Goodbye for now! See you soon on my next post ❤️

Do you love webcomics as well or are you new to all of this? If you’re also a fan, what are your favorites? I would love more recommendations!


  1. THIS LIST OMG!! Such taste, Rain! I freaking love Devil Number 4 and Purple Hyacinth so so much! And also The Fever King’s art is so GORGEOUS I CANNOT! I also finished Gourmet Hound a while back and I might’ve shed a tear or two (jk I BAWLED) when it was finished aaaaa

    Picking up a few more reads from this post~ tysm!! i am in dire need of something really fluffy rn!!


  2. Nice to meet you is one of my favorite Webcomic too! I just love all the characters. It seems like a fun and light webcomic but surprisingly touches on serious subject??
    I recommend Eleceed if you haven’t tried it yet (tw: fights, blood, animal abuse and bullying)!


  3. You have taste Rain, Really want to get in to reading webtoon should probably try it out, Glad 2020 had pass, 2020 was a year Chinese translated fantasy novel help me during that period, so I could imagine your relieved.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahh thank you so much for compiling and for all the links, Rain! I really liked the book + then seeing the Webtoon adaptation of The Weight of Our Sky, definitely bookmarking these for next time I’d like to try a new one out!


  5. LOVE your recommendation!

    I agree on your review on True Beauty. I don’t know what the author is trying to do. It looks like she doesn’t even have a plot set and Jugyeong still didn’t get a character development. Tbh, I was surprised to see the webtoon get adapted to drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhh yes i really wish jugyeong would improve as a character. i want heroines to have separate stories from their romantic plotlines but I don’t see it happening in this webcomic which is sad 😭

      Liked by 1 person

    But for real, how amazing is the art for The Witch and the Bull?! That series really has me going heart eyes at all times hehe. And ong books can be turned into webtoons??? Wow, how does that even work 👀


  7. Rain, thank you so much for this post, I NEEDED it, having never read a Webtoon ever despite hearing so many incredible things about it. I really appreciate the Webtoon 101 section and ALL THOSE RECS! I have only heard of Lore Olympus out of all of them, and am intrigued to spot a few based on books so I’ll be starting with those. Lovely post! ❤


  8. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I always want to read webtoons but I don’t know which ones to, so this was super helpful! ❤


  9. GOD TIER POST!!! so very happy to see gourmet hound at the top of this list 😎😎 i loved the fever king webtoon, and i’ve also read a bit of the weight of our sky webtoon but definitely need to get back to it! and omg i’m not sure if i could read a 485-episode long webtoon but your high praise for tower of god is making me consider it 👁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i didn’t have an order in mind while writing this post but OF COURSE gourmet hound needed to be at the top of the list 😌 tower of god is definitely worth the read but it’s not something that you will like quickly i think?? that’s what happened to me at least but now im obsessed 😭

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Ahhhh Rain you’ve just left me with SO MANY RECOMMENDATIONS!!! And I’m so excited. All of this webtoon hype has me so pumped to get into them omg. I’d only heard of Lore Olympus before this post but Gourmet, Miss Abbott and the Doctor, Castle Swimme and Love Advice sound so good. Also, love the formatting of this post <3<3


  11. “My two remaining brain cells can be uncreative when they’re excited.” sksksk sis the way I snorted reading that line, I felt that line in my bones cause yep despite the many words in my vocabulary when I get excited the vocabulary is thrown out the window xD

    Ok I’m like ridiculously excited to start reading Tower of God, I think you know this but I started watching the anime already (I’ve watched 3 episodes, on ep 4) and I only started it because my trash self learned that Stray Kids wrote and produced the opening and ending theme songs for the anime. Ahem…that said whilst I do like the anime it’s one I’m able to watch one episode of and that’s enough for me. So I’m intrigued with the webtoon as well as the fact I love the whole concept from what I’ve seen in the anime. The characters have already started finding places in my heart too haha.

    Also would like to say you and Tiffany influenced me into downloading webtoon and so far I’ve only got True Beauty, Tower of God and Lore Olympus on my to read list but this list *sobs* I’m going to have to come back to this post at some point to add all the other webtoons on cause there’s like so many that have caught my eye. Particularly the Witch and the Bull though, like the concept and the artwork?! Eeeek thanks sis for giving so many webtoon recs 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ooh im glad to know that tower of god is on your radar!! i love it so much and i hope you end up loving the webtoon as well. the world-building and the storyline are straight up masterpieces. enjoy reading more webtoons!!

      Liked by 1 person

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