About Me

I’m a traveler through books.

Hullo! I’m Rain (which may or may not be my real name) and I’m a book blogger from the Philippines. I’m a firm believer that book lovers should be called bookdragons instead of bookworms. Whenever I’m not crying over university, I spend my time reading and talking about books. I consume an excessive amount of fiction to escape and to feel something. I mostly enjoy reading fantasy books and I make it a point to always support authors from marginalized backgrounds. This blog is my brainchild and I’m hoping that my constant rambling will help you find new favorites!

Keep spreading bookdragon fire!

Other interests + kind-of embarrassing facts:

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the Webtoon app and can binge about 300 chapters in less than 24 hours, depending on how badly I want to procrastinate and ignore my uni responsibilities.

✨ When I’m not reading or studying or staring at the wall for no reason at all, I watch TV shows and a lot of anime. Gotta love consuming fiction on all forms of media that will inevitably raise my standards to unachievable heights. Real life cannot compare.

I badly want to learn how to draw but I’m too lazy to learn. I still haven’t given up on this dream, though. Stay tuned and see if I can make an artist out of my miserable self in the next one hundred years.

I am currently studying Biology but I don’t know what job I’ll take once I graduate in a few years. To be honest, I just want to get rich so I can build a bookstore of my own and be happy surrounded by books.

✨ I’m bad at thinking of fun facts about myself so we’ll be leaving it like this for now. I’ll add more once my two brain cells finally recover.

Where you can find me: