Review Policy

General Information

I read Middle Grade, New Adult, Adult and Young Adult books. I’ll also give more importance to books that will be released in the current year. Despite this, I will still consider requests depending on personal interest. You can send review requests via email on

I prefer print copies but accept e-books and audiobooks. I’m most comfortable to read physical copies of books but since I’m from the Philippines, I am aware that international shipping costs gold. In that case, e-books are my second choices and I will accept them in epub or mobi format.

I leave my reviews on this blog and on Goodreads. I share my reviews on my other social media platforms, mainly on Twitter and on Instagram. It’s also important to note that I am unable to leave reviews on Amazon due to some policy restrictions.

Another important note: EVEN IF I ACCEPT REQUESTS, I CAN’T GUARANTEE TO REVIEW THEM ALL. I find it important to support authors but I AM a student blogger and time is not a luxury for me. Even if I can’t review some books, I can feature it on Book Spotlight.

If I happen to DNF your book, I will not post a review of it on this blog but may leave one on Goodreads. Either way, I will notify you when this happens and will give you an option to be featured on Book Spotlight instead.

Contact me in advance. I’m a fast reader but as I have said previously, being a student takes a huge chunk of my time and being contacted a month or two before you need the review will give me more chance to squeeze you into my schedule.


First off, I would like to stress that Fantasy is my first priority in books. Taking a cursory glance at my blog makes that fact obvious. I accept requests from select genres but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to give them just as much attention.

Here are some genres I might consider:

• Fantasy

• ‎Science fiction

• ‎Contemporary

• ‎Psychological thriller

• ‎Murder mystery

• ‎Fairy tale retellings

• ‎Action and Adventure

• ‎Anthologies

• ‎Paranormal

I DO NOT accept books from the following genres:

• Non-fiction

• ‎Erotica

• ‎Romance

• ‎Poetry

• ‎Diaries/journals

Blog Tours

I cannot host blog tours but I am open to signing up to be a participant. If the blog tour demands it, I will write a book review for the tour. But if I can’t finish the book in time for the tour, I’m just going to post a Book Spotlight for it (where I basically feature a book without writing a review for it).

The following are the necessary information I need for Book Spotlight:

• Book title and author

• ‎Synopsis

• ‎Excerpt

• ‎Author Information (plus contact details)

• ‎Important links (where people can find and buy the book)


I usually write my reviews in bullet format where I list down my thoughts about the book and elaborate each point in an (mostly) informal voice. I will also point out things I liked and things that I didn’t like.

I hardly write rant reviews and I mostly highlight the positive aspects of the book. I am both a subjective and an objective reader so you can expect honest reviews from me.