Hullo, bookdragons!

A few months ago, I saw my book blogging friends take part in this discussion chain and I thought that it would be nice to join in on the fun. Thank you Camilla @ readerintheattic for allowing me to be a part of the Bloggers in the Attic! We have an imaginary attic, folks. It’s where we hide the dead bodies and plot world domination brainstorm all these amazing discussions for y’all.


The bloggers in the attic is a discussion chain. And what is a discussion chain? Well, it’s pretty simple.

Me and [several] other bloggers united together to discuss a common topic and share our unique perspective. Camilla @ Reader in the Attic created the initiative with the wish to create a discussion space that could explore a topic for different parts of the world.

The rules to participate are pretty simple. So, if you ever wish to take part in future discussions, just comment under the introduction post. Topics will be discussed bi-monthly, so the next round will be up in August. There’s plenty of time to join in, but the best option is always to enter early.

For this month, we’re going to talk about reading slumps. Oh boy I have quite A LOT to say about the little demon. A reading slump is like that random award sticker on your book that will never leave no matter how much you want it to. A reading slump is always… THERE. It’s just lurking in the corner, waiting for your most vulnerable moments before attacking. THE DEADLIEST PREDATORS ARE SHAKING.



1. ‎Too much pressure

I seldom get a reading slump when I read books that I actually NEED to read like ARCs. You must be thinking, “how ungrateful can you be? Not all people can get ARCs and you’re here complaining about them???”

You see, I have a tall ARC pile and as much as possible, I really want to read and review ARCs before their release dates. This mentality creates too much pressure that my brain acts up and urges me to read anything but the ARC I need to review. IT’S A REALLY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE.

me: okay I need to read this ARC—

my subconscious: but that backlist book looks so shiny!

me: but this releases in a week and i still need to write a rev—

subconscious: why don’t you read harry potter again?

me: sjskskkskskdjsj

(Yes I constantly battle with myself because why not? Oh and if you’re asking, despite my dilemma I still manage to read ARCs and review most of them before their release dates. All hail miracles.)

2. ‎A particularly phenomenal book

Yes phenomenal books cause book slumps. For example, after I read the ARC of R. F. Kuang’s The Dragon Republic, I ended up putting down all the books I tried to read because I still couldn’t move on from its sheer greatness. I legit had a reading slump for about a week or two. That’s how powerful The Dragon Republic is. Now y’all have to read it and scream with me.

(Did I just write this post to promote TDP? No no of course not)

3. Too many pending reviews

Whenever I write “FULL REVIEW TO COME” on goodreads, I feel like I’m signing another death warrant. It’s hard to admit this but I now find writing reviews as a chore rather than a fun activity. I used to love writing reviews before but now my mind just BLANKS OUT whenever I am about to write one. I get reading slumps because I dread writing book reviews. Of course, I still write them but it’s really challenging now because I think that I’m just writing the same things in my reviews all the time.

I’m trying to find new ways to make my reviews more creative so that I’ll find the writing experience fun again. I’m planning to write haikus + short critics as my new review format on goodreads so that I can offer original content everytime. I will still continue writing full reviews on the blog though.

4. ‎Witch curses

Okay I’m open to all possibilities here. Maybe your reading slump is caused by an ancient curse and you need to go on an epic quest to lift it.

I’m just saying that you should invite all the important people on your first-born child’s grand birthday celebration to avoid all the sleeping curses and the reading slumps.

5. ‎Dehydration

Okay I actually don’t know if this is true but a wise woman (who may or may not be me) once said that every bad thing can happen if you’re dehydrated. DRINK WATER AND STAY HYDRATED Y’ALL.




1. Accept re-reading as a lifestyle

Re-reading is the top solution to your reading slump! <—— imagine me saying this in a salesman’s most inviting voice

Visiting old favorites can immediately rekindle your dormant bookdragon flames. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve read your favorite book a hundred times already. Re-reading still works like magic everytime.

2. ‎Read a backlist title

Sometimes, when you’re drowning in ARCs and you feel a reading slump coming in, pick up a backlist title you’ve been meaning to read for years. It may serve as a refresher and a break from the pressure of book blogging.

giphy (4).gif

3. ‎Take a break

If you’re not really in the mood to read a book, take a break. Watch a TV show, binge watch all the MCU films, or do a backflip. It’s not actually bad to spend some time for your other hobbies (especially the backflipping). I actually tried taking a break from reading for a few days because I felt the reading slump lurking in and binge watched all of How to Get Away with Murder Season 5. Watching it gave me a hundred heart attacks but it refilled my creative juices.

4. ‎Break the curse

Visit the nearest Oracle and ask for a quest. Find the evil reading slump demon and slay it with your magical sword. Be sure to stay alive. Problem solved.

5. ‎Eat

If nothing else works, open your fridge/cookie jar/treasure chest and FEED YOURSELF. Food always solves everything and no person alive can tell me otherwise. Your reading slump doesn’t even stand a chance.

giphy (2).gif



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Do you often experience reading slumps? How do you overcome them? 


  1. I don’t find that ARCs send me into a reading slump… unless I have no ARCs coming out soon that I’m currently excited about, but in that case I just tend to read ahead and come back to the others later.

    I do go into slumps from reading too many books in the same genre in a row OR after reading an amazing book. After a great 5 star read most books seem to look so shitty in comparison! The Poppy War sent me into a reading slump because it was AMAZING and nothing looked as good. BTW WHERE IS YOUR REVIEW OF THE DRAGON REPUBLIC? Mine will be up in July probably.

    As for reviews I hand write my reviews right after I read the book, and then post them on my blog later. This is great for when I want to read an ARC way ahead of time, but know I should wait to post the review.

    So I try to switch genres. I have a giant library of Netgalley titles, so it is never too hard to find something that looks appealing, even if it already came out. But I do miss reading more backlist books, I feel like they get pushed to the side because of all the ARCs, plus I feel like no one cares about my opinions on a book that has been out forever.

    Wow… what an absolute rant. Apparently I have a lot of feelings about reading slumps. I wish I knew about Readers in the Attic because I totally would have joined.

    Where can I join the next Readers in the Attic discussion post?! I have never heard of it until now and it sounds like a really fun way to connect with other book bloggers and spark great discussions!


    1. My review for TDR is currently on the works! I really want it to be as comprehensive as possible so that I can convince more bookdragons to read my favorite series. Sooo happy you’re part of the poppy army too. I’m looking forward to your review!

      YOU CAN RANT TO ME ALL YOU WANT THOUGH. The heavens know how much I want to read backlist titles but I’m just preoccupied with ARCs right now.

      Thank you for showing interest to The Bloggers in the Attic! I believe I linked Cam’s blog on the beginning of my post. You can just visit her blog and comment on any of her posts and say you want to join us. I believe she also has a twitter account linked on her blog and you can just message her there. In the meantime, I’ll let her know that you’re interested in joining us!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I already wrote my review for The Dragon Republic, but I am going to wait to post it for a little while longer. I liked The Poppy War better, but still really loved The Dragon Republic. This series is just incredible.

        I have so many fall ARCs that I am basically going to be reading them all summer long. Plus a few summer titles too… I am having difficulties waiting til closer to publication to read a bunch of my ARCs… ooppssiess…. I will hold the reviews for a while though.

        I miss reading more backlist books though! I picked up a ton at library book sales that I really want to get to, but I have so many ARCs right now it’s crazy.

        As for Bloggers in the Attic, I will check out Cam’s blog! I love the whole idea!

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  2. I’ve been going through a (short) reading slump now, and this post was very necessary! Thank you for it.

    (I am planning to actually ask my two-year-old to choose my next read to get me out of my slump. Let’s see how it goes!)


  3. I have never connected so strongly to a post before, ahaha, you were completely on point and your dehydration and witches curses seem entirely plausible to me.


    This gave me life:

    subconscious: why don’t you read harry potter again?

    me: sjskskkskskdjsj

    ^^ We may secretly be related from that alone X’D

    And yea I find going for a backlist book can really help so much, and there are so many times I’ll finish a fantastic book and feel so empty from it that I can’t just immediately hop to another!


    1. Maybe we ARE related by…personality greatness??? Idk but I’m sure you’re amazing (like me). I’m so happy that you connected with this post so much! I live for my audience’s happiness 😌

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel you so much on the “brain rejecting arcs front.” As soon as i have to read before a certain date, it’s like my brain, and the universe, conspires so that I don’t want to/can’t read the arc. I’ve learned that the best way to trick myself into not falling into that mindset is to read and review the arc as early as possible so that I can’t feel the deadline looming and subsequently want to read anything but the arc. (i don’t even know if that makes sense but yeah.)

    Omg The Dragon Republic is *that* good!? It’s one of the said arcs that I really have to read early or else I’ll want to avoid it as much as possible. I rated The Poppy War four stars but it was close to a five, and I now have high hopes that TDR will be the one to get a full five from me. And I actually believe you–I think bad things happen if you dehydrate yourself.

    I thankfully have been reading slump free for quite a long time now (is the world finally deciding to be kind to me?), and I’m so happy. But with my past reading slumps, I worked past them best by taking a break, so I definitely agree with that tip of yours. Also, yes, food solves. Everything!

    ok im sorry for the long comment but this was such a great post and I agree with everything you had to say. Thanks for the tips on how to avoid witch curses and I hope a reading slump doesn’t come for you any time soon (or at all)!


    1. I actually get what you’re saying about reading ARCs in advance so the pressure becomes lesser in time. I want to do just that but I’m a procrastinating lump so I find it hard to read ARCs in advance 😂

      TDR is absolutely phenomenal. It’s slower than TPW but I loved it just the same. Also, I’m glad you haven’t had a slump in so long! I wish my life were as ideal lmao.

      Aww please don’t apologize for the long comment! Long comments are the best things in the world and I love responding to them. I appreciate that you loved this post so much 😊💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I always document my inner struggles tbh. So glad you loved that little anecdote!

      Giving rewards to the self is definitely a great tip to get through slumps. I’ll try that someday.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think school has trained the procrastination / miraculously finish what I need to right before the deadline part of my brain, I hate that I’m like this, but it’s kept me from drowning in homework or ARCs so it’s been tough to really work on changing it. but I relate, if I *need* to read something, my motivation to actually do it just plummets.

    PENDING REVIEWS ARE THE WORST. currently I have 15-20 left over, and I’ll get to them someday but today is not that day. honestly, if I don’t write a review soon after I finish the book, it’ll probably take weeks to a month – making reviews more creative is a great idea, though!

    witch curses and dehydration definitely seem like plausible culprits. there’s got to be a reason they’re so often cited as the root of all evil (or, well, minor inconveniences).

    rereading and detouring through my backlist TBR have definitely been pretty reliable ways to get out of a slump, but yup, sometimes I just need a break (also I just realized I haven’t seen HTGAWM since like season 3, I didn’t know they were up to 5 seasons already where has the time gone 👀).

    great post, Rain!


    1. 15-20 pending reviews = my greatest nightmare. I can understand you though! Writing reviews can be so taxing. Also, the reason why I try to write reviews immediately after reading is because when I don’t, I also tend to put it off for a couple of weeks or more.


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  6. Reviews. That’s my issue. Except I also read to procrastinate on reviews and now I’m 12 reviews behind on my pile…


  7. Okay, the witch curse and dehydratation totally made me giggle 😂 I would’ve never had thought of thoses ahahah

    Re-reading is my personal savior too ! aswell as reading backlist books in my main language, as I get thoses wierds “slumps” only targeted at english books when I read too much in a row my brain just… don’t wanna cooperate anymore. so going back to my roots give it a lil break and I understand things so much faster/better. Also need a break from reading after finishing a particularly amazing book-my brain get stuck in the past book’s story and I OBSESS for a while xd


    1. I admit the dehydration part was my best idea in months 😂

      I’m sooo happy a lot of people enjoy re-reading! It’s also nice to read works for your native language once in a while. They’re a great refresher indeed. Also, book hangovers are REAL. Some books are just hellishly perfect.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This was a great post!! 💛 And of course I fear the dreaded reading slump too– it is a horrible time for any reader!!
    Yes after reading a phenomenal you do get stuck just thinking about that book and not being able to pick another one up– it is magic I swear 😂😂
    And I was so surprised when I started reviews at how long they took and how I seemed to say the same thing a lot with each review 😂 it is a struggle!!
    Well I first read about a witch cursing you to go into a reading slump and you have to go on a quest to lift it I definitely thought that would be a good book that I would read 😂

    I think taking a break is a good idea so you don’t force yourself to read and when you start again you feel reenergised and like you can conquer your TBR for once 😂😂 (I just started HTGAWM season 3 *murder high-five* I’m really behind but I am going to catch up real soon)
    And yes eat– great advice. I am going to 100% follow this!! 😂


    1. Hooray to you for watching HTGAWM! Hope you’re okay. Things are always intense with that show.

      I’m one year into book blogging yet I already feel like I’m saying the same things in my book reviews over and over. I also think that my reviews *aren’t good enough* which makes me procrastinate more.

      I really need to eat chocolates now to feel better.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think I’m okay haha– it is a very intense show but I do really like it!! Yes reviews on really hard– I mean how do I transfer my thoughts onto the page in the right way!! Yes I get that too– but your reviews are great so you shouldn’t feel like that ❤ Yes chocolate always helps!!

        Liked by 2 people

  9. I hate hate hate reading slumps. Please make them go away forever.

    I used to reread a lot, but now I don’t have time! 😂 My TBR is absolutely mountainous and the only way I can get rid of it is by reading as soon as I can. But… I’m also a mood reader, so I only read whatever I feel like, and sometimes? I feel like nothing will satisfy me. It’s really confusing and weird, but oh well. No one ever said the reading life was going to be easy.


    1. Nothing is easy with the bookdragon life I agree. Also, why can’t reading slumps stay away forever? They’re raining on my parade.

      (i get the mood reader struggle too oh well…)

      Liked by 1 person


    Ooof love this post, and of course food solves every problem, including reading slumps 😀


  11. Reading slumps! Aghh! Mine just started and all I can think about is why?! Until you said it, I hadn’t thought about too much pressure being a cause. A stack of ARC’s that just keeps piling up can definitely bring on a little stress. But you’re right about food. I recently got two, yes two, huge bags of Zebra Popcorn and I’m starting to feel a little better about it.
    I referenced your blog and this post in a recent post of mine. I found this while looking up reading slumps, hah! Hope that’s ok! Thanks for sharing this.



    1. Hello! I’m glad that you found this little post of mine. I hope that it helped you a bit. Enjoy eating all those comfort food because you deserve it 💖


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