Hullo, bookdragons!

I’m popping in again because yall might be missing me already 😌

I said before that I will be publishing a special post in celebration of my second blog anniversary but I wasn’t able to write one until now. YES THE SPECIAL POST I’M TALKING ABOUT IS A Q & A IT’S SPECIAL YOU KNOW. The last time I posted a Q & A was last year on my 18th birthday so you can check it out here if you want to. I must admit I was funnier a year ago (minus the HP references) and I’m a very rusty blogger now but WE’RE STILL DOING THIS. (I’m a clown because I promised that my old Q & A would have a lot of parts but in the end I only wrote one asdjsjk)

Get ready to be bombarded with facts about me (and maybe I’ll also insert a tip or two for those who need them) in this Q & A!


What are some tips you’d give to readers who want to start blogging?

SHOOT YOUR SHOT. I know it can be daunting at first but blogging is actually a lot of fun and is a great outlet to scream about books that you love. If you really want to start a blog, make sure to keep your passion for reading burning. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few books or a ton of books at your disposal. In the end, your love for books is the most important factor of all. Your passion will bleed through your words and that will keep your future readers engaged.


What are your tips for newbie bloggers?

Aside from the things I mentioned above, I think it’s important for new bloggers not to think too much about stats. When I was still a newbie, I was quite obsessed of my stats which made blogging more of a chore and it took a lot of fun out of the experience. Don’t overthink about numbers! Instead, engage with other bloggers. Comment on their posts. Invite them on a quest to save the world! (although if you’re going to plan this now make sure that you bring a mask)

It’s also important to share your posts on your other social media accounts. Maintaining my social media presence helped my blog to grow. Also, don’t be shy to post your blog links multiple times on your socials. Some of your readers might have missed them.

Finally, I’m taking the cliché road and say just have fun! There’s no recipe for success (still a cliché saying but I warned you already didn’t I) so post to your heart’s content and show the nine worlds how much you love books!


A book you can’t live without?

Whew. I can’t live without all my books but if I’m going to choose one it will be….*drum roll*


Tada! It’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! I know you couldn’t have predicted this choice. IT’S A TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE DECISION COME ON.

Sarcasm aside, yes I definitely can’t continue my life without Percy Jackson. You need to pry this book off my cold dead hands because I’m too attached to it. That’s just how it is.


Which books do you think should be turned into series/movies?

I think I already answered this question before but I now have other choices for this. First and foremost, I would like to see The Poppy War on screen thank you very much. It needs to be a tv show because there’s too much depth in the plot and a movie franchise would never suffice. It’s going to be a brutal and bloody tv show but it’s also going to be a masterpiece. If it’s going to be produced properly, that is. I have a lot of misgivings when it comes to adaptations but it would be cool to see General Fang Runin burn everything on-screen. We would love to see it.

Jade City would also look super deadly as a tv show. The fight scenes will be iconic and the political subplot will make everyone clutch their proverbial pearls in distress. Also, the Kaul clan on screen??? I WOULD PASS OUT PLEASE 😭

At this point, I think the reason why these books haven’t been adapted yet is because they hold too much power. Oh and the world of tv shows and movies is still predominantly white but that’s a conversation for another day 🙃

Anyway, I’m going to show off my TPW Netflix poster edit here because I’m manifesting:

(the gorgeous art i used for the netflix mock poster is by @JungShanInk who is the illustrator of the covers. the art below is the back cover art of the tpw book!)



Favorite trope and least favorite trope?

I have a lot of favorite tropes and I go feral for all of them. Some faves are listed below:

1. slow burn ft. yearning + angst
2. Tournament/contest
3. Found family
4. Fake dating (this doesn’t happen in fantasy books and I’m salty)
5. Enemies-to-lovers
6. enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies-again-to-reluctant-allies-to-lovers

Tropes I hate:
1. Misunderstanding
2. Misunderstanding
3. Misunderstanding

(I hate that trope a lot that it deserves three slots but also I can’t think of another trope I hate ajskskk)

Oh I’m thinking about making a book recommendation post based on your favorite tropes so please leave your faves below on the comments so I have a lot of choices to work on!


3 books that shaped your reading taste?

1. Any boxcar children book

This is a childhood fave and I want to give credit to it because it made me love mysteries at a young age. I read about 90% fantasy now but my first love has always been mystery. I’m happy that I read some mystery/thriller books this year and I’m hoping to read more in the coming months.

2. The Night Circus

I badly need a reread because I remember absolutely nothing about this book except the word exsanguination. (I’ve said this a lot of times on this blog and if it appears repetitive to you just look away pls) The Night Circus fostered my love for fantasy and I owe it so much for that. I live and breathe fantasy now and this book definitely made that happen.

3. The Poppy War

TWO POPPY WAR MENTIONS IN ONE POST OH YES THIS IS ME IN A NUTSHELL. This book opened the door to other diverse fantasy books that became my faves. After reading TPW, I started reading more diversely and I sought out more Asian authors to support. My life has never been the same ever since. Now I’m going emotional because I’m having The Burning God flashbacks and my heart is still too tender from the pain. I love this series so much and I’m sad that it has now come to an end. NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO BE READY FOR THE FINALE. Good luck to everyone.


If you could have 2 super powers what would they be?

First, I’m going to choose telekinesis because I’m lazy and it’s the perfect power for a lazy person. Imagine summoning the remote control with your mind or picking up that bookmark without ever moving an inch? I’d love to have that power maam please.

The second power I’d love to have is the power to control time. Sometimes I just want to pause, stop, and speed up time. I know it can be messy when you mess with time but I’ll take the risk. It would be handy to pause time so that I can read all the books in the world. If I had this power, “too many books too little time” would not apply to me anymore. What a dream.


What are 3 movies you’d use to describe your personality/taste?

I’m sorry but I can’t think of other movies right now except Ghibli films. My sister and I have watched most of them and I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE. A lot of Ghibli films have important social commentary plus I love the aesthetics and the characters of the films. They give me a lot of serotonin (though there are also heartbreaking Ghibli films) bursts.

Spirited Away is still my most favorite because it was the first Ghibli film I fell in love with. My Neighbor Totoro is a close second because it’s so wholesome and my mouth literally hurt from smiling while watching the film. The top 3 spot varies from time to time depending on my mood but now let’s go with Pom Poko. I love how it nailed the environmental commentary and I adore the Japanese mythology aspects of it. If you haven’t watched any Ghibli film yet, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING? The films are available on Netflix (except Grave of the Fireflies) and you won’t regret watching them. Trust me.


Which three books are your comfort reads?


2019-07-30 101432075564..jpg

Okay but my comfort reads comprise of Rick Riordan books because I’m a basic bookdragon who loves the Riordanverse so much. I hope you’re not tired of hearing me say that 😔


Which is a new-to-you author whose books you want to read this year?


I recently listened to Clap When You Land and I sobbed because it was so beautiful and hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time. Elizabeth Acevedo has a way with words that squeezes your heart and leaves you breathless like MAAM WHAT IS THIS UNPARALLELED TALENT. I can’t wait to listen to her other audiobooks. Unfortunately, Scribd has banned me from listening to her other books this month so I’ll just wait next month and let them destroy my heart again.

I’m also looking forward to reading more books by N.K. Jemisin because her Inheritance Trilogy stole my heart and I’m craving for more well-crafted fantasy worlds from her. I hope that I can read The Broken Earth Trilogy sometime this year.


What books with dragons do you recommend?

I’m really sad because not a lot of books come into mind 😭

I WANT TO READ MORE BOOKS WITH DRAGONS YOU KNOW. I have a whole Goodreads shelf of dragon books I’d love to read but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Nevertheless, here are some books with dragons that I recommend:

I want to stress that dragons are not the main focus of the aforementioned books but at least they’re THERE. Also I love the books I mentioned above so you definitely need to read them too.

Here are dragon books I can’t wait to read:



How do you manage reading and school?

Here’s the thing: I can’t. I mean, I used to do this when I was still in high school but now that I’m in uni I hardly read anymore. I only managed to read a lot of books this year because the pandemic happened and the school year was cut short. When I had classes, I was unable to read anything because I wanted to focus on my studies. I only managed to read a book or two when I had long school breaks but my uni schedule was mostly hectic so there was no fictional escape for me.

I’m sad about this but at least I got to read a lot of books this year! I just surpassed my reading goal of 100 books and even if I’m not going to be able to read anything when uni starts again, at least I managed to read to my heart’s content already.


What’s your most favorite blogging memory?

My fondest memory is still the moment that I joined the community. Pressing the publish button for the first time was freeing. Before this blog, I mostly kept my thoughts to myself. When I published that first post it was like breaking open a dam. Not to mention that my very first post remains to be my most favorite post of all time. Read it here if you want to 😌


How do you balance reading and social media?

Again, I’m not quite good at balancing them. Most of the time I find myself spending the whole day just scrolling through Twitter and I end up hating myself at the end. I have a very short attention span and I mostly read ebooks so the temptation of social media is very close to me. The best solution that I’ve found is turning my wifi off and closing my social media tabs. I read a few chapters before turning on the wifi again. But then again, I’m not very good at this. I guess it also depends on the book. There are books that I can consume in one sitting. These are mostly MG books. When I’m reading YA or NA it’s all down the drain for me.

You need to purge social media from my system they’re too clingy 😭😭😭


Favorite musical artists at the moment?

*lets out a breath I didn’t know I was holding*


I’m happy to announce that I have jumped into the Hozier quicksand and no one is allowed to pull me back up. I started listening to Hozier months ago and I still can’t get enough of his music. No other artist can write more beautifully than Hozier. When he said “babe there’s something tragic about you something so magic about you” my soul literally ascended to the heavens. I just want Hozier to sing to me under a copse of trees while birds chirp all around us. I WANT ALL HIS BEAUTIFUL LYRICS INJECTED INTO MY VEINS.

Aside from Hozier, I also listen to a lot of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) because there are many Filipino artists who make amazing music. Tagalog songs slap the hardest imo. Some of my favorite artists are Ben & Ben, The Juans, IV of Spades, Keiko Necessario, The Ransom Collective and Arthur Nery. These artists also have songs in English so PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT THEY’RE SO TALENTED.

If I’m not listening to Hozier or OPM, I just depend on Spotify playlists because the Spotify algorithm is the only algorithm that deserves rights. Oh and I’ve been enjoying HAIM and Lauv lately.


I guess that’s it for now! Thank you so much to those who submitted their questions via Twitter and Instagram. I had a great time answering some of them. I am particularly fond of the last question (thank you May @ foreverandeverly for that) because I never talk about music on this blog even though it’s one of my most favorite things in the world. I really love singing too and if I’m not much of a baby I will record one of my karaoke sessions but that will never happen lmaooo.

I hope this post made you smile in one way or another. Happy two years to my brainchild! This is a late celebration but it’s better late than never am I right? 😉


What are your favorite tropes? Do you have any favorite dragon books?


38 thoughts on “(VERY LATE) 2ND BLOG ANNIVERSARY Q & A”

  1. Thank you for the QnA, reading this post is so much fun!! 💕 I can relate to you about how hard it is to balance everything (uni, reading, social media). I’m very terrible at balancing. In the end, I have to sacrifice one thing to focus on the other. Also, I REALLY NEED to start reading The Poppy War soon!


    1. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO READ TPW AND THEN SCREAM ABOUT IT TO ME AFTERWARDS! im glad you had fun reading this post. hoping that we’ll get better at balancing things soon 😔


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG?? Has it already been two years?? Man, time flies really fast.

    My favorite trope of all time is friends to lovers. I know a lot of people say that it’s bland or whatever, but it’s just so WHOLESOME, okay??? It warms my heart and makes me smile, so I’ll always love it. I’ll keep shouting it from the rooftops until I die. 😂

    As for dragon books, I haven’t read this yet, but I heard Patrick Ness’s new book, Burn, is dragon-centric. Even more interesting is the fact that it’s set in the 1950s. So it’s like an alternate history with dragons. It sounds really cool.


    1. i don’t have problems with friends to lovers! it’s really pure and i wish there were more books with that trope. i’ll check out burn! i haven’t read any patrick ness book yet but a lot of my friends love him. maybe it’s finally time to read his books 👀


  3. happy blog birthday !! balancing reading with social media? is that a thing people do? i started reading more ebooks during quarantine because its been more convenient but i have been getting a lot more distracted 😂 i don’t really balance reading with school; i don’t read much during school months and then binge read in the summer (which is what i’m doing now haha) unfortunately i haven’t read that many books that involve dragons but i’m reading the poppy war soon! intimidated because its a thick adult fantasy book but im also really excited (and not ready because i’ve heard that it will destroy me) !!!


    1. im sorry to say this but the poppy war will ABSOLUTELY destroy you. and yes it’s always a struggle to balance things what is balance even??? im not the avatar istg 😭


  4. happy birthday to your blog!! ❤ ghibli movies are the best, i agree!! my neighbor totoro was the very first one i watched, so it has a special place in my heart, but some others i like are kiki’s delivery service, ponyo, and the secret world of arietty! also fake-dating in fantasy IMAGINE THE POWER THAT WOULD CARRY. we could never. 😭
    and i really want to read the poppy war!! i mean! lots and lots of pain! what more could i want?! (also i went back and read that post you linked to, and just! book dragons, not book worms? I LOVE IT ❤😭)

    sorry this comment is all over the place! i loved this post, and happy blogiversary once again! ❤


    1. AHHH I LOVE KIKI, PONYO, AND ARIETTY AS WELL! im glad you loved this post and i appreciate this comment so much. thank you always for the support ❤️


    1. why don’t we have a lot of fake dating in fantasy??? i will be forever salty 😭

      im glad that you love uncle rick and ghibli as well


  5. HAPPY 2ND BLOGIVERSARY!!! *throws confetti and at least a few cakes* also I am /shocked/ Percy Jackson is the book you can’t live without. Did not see that coming 😌 and I desperately want Jade city to be a TV show, it would be honestly phenomenal. However it broke me, and I know the Poppy War will too…so I’m procrastinating it. 🤨


    1. OMG THANKS FOR VISITING CAIT 😭😭😭 i will forever keep my fingers crossed for a jade city and tpw tv show. and i understand the fear to read tpw because you’re absolutely right to fear it agsjsjskks


  6. I loved reading this Q&A soo much, not only were the questions great but your answers were so fun to read and your personality really shines through! Your tips for blogging are really good and sound advice, especially on stats, I think we can all get caught up in numbers at times but it really is more about the passion and love for books which will make your platform grow. I also love how much you love The Poppy War – we already had a conversation about The Burning God and while it definitely ended us both, it’s cool that more and more people will continue to enjoy this trilogy and many people will be encouraged by your rave reviews I’m sure! Keep up the brilliant work x


  7. Happy blogiversary!!
    Wow, I definitely relate to not being able to live without Percy Jackson. I haven’t read The Poppy War yet but I’m OBSESSED with that Netflix cover!! Omg Elizabeth Acevedo and NK Jemisin are both also relatively new discoveries for me, and I love both of them!! Can’t wait to read more from both of them 😀
    I FULLY AGREE THAT MORE DRAGON BOOKS ARE NEEDED IN THE WORLD. I think my favorite dragon books are The Priory of the Orange Tree and Seraphina. I also can’t wait to read The Book of Dragons!!


    1. thank you!!! i have priory but i’ve been putting it off for so long. i don’t really mind thick books im just not in the mood for it yet. i hope i can get to it soon.


  8. ahh happy (late) blogiversary, rain!!! omg percy jackson is superior, i’ve been meaning to reread it for the longest time and really hope i can soon because i love it!! 🥰 i NEED to read the poppy war as well, i’ve heard everyone rave about it and ahhh your netflix poster edit is amazing!!!

    slow burn ft. yearning + angst is so wonderful to read 😭😭😭 ugh i hate misunderstanding too, it just stresses me out and makes me get frustrated with the characters lmao!! i need to read elizabeth acevedo’s books, they sound truly wonderful! i loved reading your answers to all of these questions, rain, happy blogiversary again


  9. belated happy two years, rain!! i’m really bad at commenting on your blog, but i adore it and your writing voice is *chef’s kiss*. i requested the burning god from the publisher two days ago, and i’m excited to get rejected, haha. i can’t wait for it to destroy me, no matter when i read it though 🥺

    i read on my phone, which makes it so easy for me to get distracted by social media too 😭😭 sometimes i just read two pages, and then tell myself, “phew, that was a lot of reading, time to check twitter.” :((( also, i need to listen to more opm!! i don’t really know a lot of artists, but i think my fave is janine teñoso, she performed at my school once lmao


    1. aww thank you for the love caitlin! i hope you get aporoved for TBG so we can scream and cry about it together. crossing my fingers for you. also i like janine! she recently had a collab with the juans and i highly recommend you listen to it.

      Liked by 1 person



  11. Happy blog anniversary! *offers some blue vanilla cupcakes she made in the weekend* I totally forgot mine and just did bujo spread. I loved reading your answers to these.

    My favorite book featuring dragons is Bloodlines by Richelle Mead even tho technically Hopper is a demon that looks like a dragon.


  12. I can’t believe your blogs 2 *sobs* I still remember your first post and you being a newbie, oh how time flies hehe. Happy 2nd blogoversary sis ❤ My favourite tropes are: slow burn (like you, I love slow burns and like gimme all the yearning!), I also enjoy love triangles…ahem depending on how they're done sometimes they're just awful and I nope out. I also enjoy enemies to lovers and erm…found family, found family is fabulous gimme all the feels, witty banters and wholesomeness


    1. sis i live for love triangles too ahsjskks but yes the goodness depends on the writing but it’s not as bad as everyone thinks it is. AND THANK YOU ALWAYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! i hope you know that you’re one of my precious friends in the community and will love you always 😭💖

      Liked by 1 person

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