Hullo, bookdragons!

So far, I can say that July has been the best month for me since this year of reading slumps started. Despite the fact that college has been looming over me like a cursed shadow for the whole month, I still felt incredibly happy. Like I-just-saved-the-world-and-turned-down-immortality-to-have-a-full-life-with-the-people-I-love kind of happy. I have my books to thank for that. And Uncle Rick too. I would have been college anxiety kebab if not for him and his books. Mad respect for this guy.

Let’s get this wrap-up started!

july 2019 wrap up2


I read 13 books in July which makes it my best reading month of the year so far. I ended up rereading NINE books plus four other books that I also loved with my whole heart. I’ve been struggling with reading for the past six months and I’m happy that I’m finally getting my reading jazz back (too bad that I’ll be starting school again next week but I try not to think about that).

Decreasing my exposure on social media also helped my reading progress. Believe it or not (I can hardly believe it too), I spend less time on Twitter now and I’m cutting back my time on Instagram and YouTube as well. LOOK AT ME FINALLY VANQUISHING THE INTERNET. I deserve a laurel wreath. And tons of ice cream.

I’m talking too much. I should probably get to the books I read in July now.


I started my Riordanverse reread last month (I think) and since I didn’t have too many ARCs to read this month, I decided to binge read Riordan books and it ended up being the BEST DECISION EVER (I’ll try very hard not to cry while writing this portion of the post). My heart just bursts everytime I think about my favorite Riordan books (my arteries are popping as we speak). These books are as much of a part of me as the occasional zit that pops up on my forehead every six months or so. Percy Jackson really slashed at my reading slump like it was butter. The poor thing didn’t even stand a chance.

It’s my fourth time reading PJO (being a trash for this series is an honor) and my second time reading HOO. I remember almost everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians but I can barely remember anything from Heroes of Olympus. It’s been CENTURIES since the first time I read this series and I’m thankful that my memory is finally refreshed. I missed my favorite demigods and my favorite dragon of all time (FESTUS RIGHTS YES) and it was nice meeting them again.

I have so many unread books but I don’t regret going back to these old favorites. These books reminded me why I love reading and they definitely shook all my college anxiety away. For the first time in months, I didn’t feel pressured about reading or reviewing because I was just having fun while reliving all the adventures with my favorite characters. These books mean so much to me. If you haven’t read these Riordan books yet, NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO START. They changed my life and they have the power to change yours too.


Aside from the Riordan books, I also read four more phenomenal books in July. Best reading month indeed.

1. Jade City by Fonda Lee (★★★★★)


This adult series is definitely a new favorite. Everything about Jade City is intense and clever. It explores great family dynamics + clan wars and has one of the most complex political subplots I have ever read. Read my full review here for more scream-filled thoughts.

2. The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen (★★★★☆)


This one was very fun to read. It has a unique magic system, an organized social hierarchy, and great characters. One of the main characters is pansexual and one is gay. The female MC is fiesty and I’m looking forward to see her punch more faces in the next book. Read my full review here.

3. Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan (★★★★★)


WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS BOOK SO UNDERAPPRECIATED? I don’t see a lot of bookdragons talking about this and I am miffed because this is definitely one of the best space operas I have ever read. Ignite the Stars is an action-filled book that has a solid plot, heartstopping twists, and characters who stole my heart in a blink. I’ll post my full review on the blog soon but in the meantime, read my goodreads review here.

book of the month2



This honor goes to Jade War because it gave me all the goosebumps and the heart attacks this world can give. The politics is even more intense here and the characters have developed a lot (my children are more stressed than ever) since Jade City. I still want to choke all the air from Bero’s throat thank you very much. Fonda Lee sure knows how to write phenomenal books. I AM SCARED FOR BOOK THREE. Read my full Jade War review here.


I really love how calm I am right now with my blogging life. I feel less pressured now that I hardly check my stats. After more than a year in this blogging gig, I have learned to take things more slowly so that I can still post creative and helpful content without burning myself out. I post at least once a week and I’m more than happy with that. I haven’t been able to blog hop that much in July because I was too engrossed with reading but I’ll do better this month. Let’s just hope that college doesn’t make a corpse out of me.

Here are my July posts:








life updates

I’m finally going to college on August 5th and to be honest, I still haven’t completely wrapped my mind around the thought that I will be living away from my family for the first time. I don’t have a single independent bone in my body but I have to learn in order to survive. I’m just thinking about this like it’s my biggest quest and I’m off to fight a big monster (a.k.a college) and hope that I’ll survive the ordeal.

The university that I’m going to has ABSOLUTELY NO CHILL (they’re already encouraging the students to “fight the oppressive system” and the school year hasn’t even started yet) so I don’t know if I will be able to post regularly on the blog. Just don’t worry if I go AWOL or something. I might just be buried in schoolwork.

I have decided to bring only four physical books to college because my Kindle app already has enough books to keep me occupied for a hundred years. I’m taking Strange the Dreamer, Muse of Nightmares, The Modern Faerie Tales, and The Dark Vault (technically I’m bringing seven books because Modern Faerie Tales and The Dark Vault are tie-ins of three and two books, respectively). I won’t be able to take bookstagram pictures too because I won’t be bringing my props with me. Cue the sound of my heart breaking.

I will still be very active on Twitter though. I can’t seem to fully let go of that bird app.

I hope y’all have a great August! If you’re starting school this month, good luck to you too. WE CAN DO THIS.

tell me your thoughts2-1

What was your favorite read in July? What books are you planning to read this month?

14 thoughts on “IT’S RIORDAN MONTH! (FT. LIFE UPDATES) || JULY 2019 WRAP-UP”

  1. Oof I’m so sad that you won’t be able to take bookstagram pictures 😦
    But all the very best for uni!!💞


  2. Wonderful wrap up! YOU DESERVE ALL THE ICE CREAM! ❤ I seriously need to spend less time on Youtube and the internet in general. lol. You're truly making me want to revisit the Percy Jackson books! They were one of the first YA series I ever started, so they have a special place in my heart! And it's so great to hear how much you loved Jade City and Jade War!! Good luck with college! I'm sure you'll conquer whatever monsters it throws your way! 🙂


  3. SO MUCH RIORDAN!! Also, I haven’t read Ignite the Stars but I have it sitting on my shelf and I’ve already preordered Eclipse the Skies, like I have a problem. But from the sounds of it I really need to read Ignite the Stars, like ASAP. Also, The Merciful Crow, totally adding it to my tbr now


  4. I hope to reread Percy Jackson soon!

    I love Ignite the Stars too! I only see a few people talking about it, and I hope they read it asap before the next book comes up!

    My next semester in college will start on the 12th, and I don’t think I’m ready to go back because I’m afraid I’ll have very little time to read.


  5. You really SLAYED it this month !! Im proud of you 🥰
    Rereading is also my favorite remedy for reasing slumps, works everytime !

    Also congrats on beating social media in favor of reading ! As I actually spent the more of my time gaming/being lazy.. im not sure it’d actually help me ahaha 😂 but also I have quite the hard time reading in daytime because of the noises and stuff..

    I wish you goodluck on your « quest » abroad, you got this !! I also wish you a good semester, and of course don’t feel bad for the blog! We understand that education is way more important xx


  6. That’s a lot of Rick Riordan books! I actually started the whole Magnus Chase series! I’m on the last book now, but I do like the Percy Jackson books better 🙂


  7. I skipped all your reviews this month because all the books are on my TBR and I don’t want to hype myself up too much when I can’t get my hands on the books yet. But your reading month sounds FABULOUS. Good luck with your university, and hopefully we both have good Augusts!


  8. OMG. I never realised the PJ book covers blended into each other before. In fact, I have these covers and I’ve never laid them side by side. You’ve changed my life, Rain!! 💕


  9. Aaaaah I hope you have a great time at college sis! Also I’m gonna hopefully read the third Percy Jackson book this month hehe, I’m slowly falling for this world dammit. Eeek well done for killing it this month with your reading and I’m so glad the rereads helped you reconnect with why you enjoy reading. Hope August goes well for you ❤


  10. This is several days late, but I hope you have a great time at college! ❤ You are a fierce dragon and I know you can get through this quest.

    13 books in one month is such a huge accomplishment, and rereading all the Percy-related books sounds like a wonderful idea! I’ve been wanting to do that, and also reread Harry Potter, but I already read The Lightning Thief for the fifth time last year and I’m honestly worried about my TBR right now 😅 so maybe later.

    I hope you have a great August and first month of school! I go back to college next week and I am Not Ready, but we can do this. Don’t worry about reading books too much right now, because getting used to your new school environment is also important! (but reading books for comfort is important as well, so don’t forget to also have some time to relax!)


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