Hullo, bookdragons!

It’s finally July which means that I’m one month away from college and I’m finally going to have a semblance of an independent life after eighteen long years on this Earth. It also means that I have to decide what books to bring to the dorm soon although I’m leaning towards the option of sticking with ebooks while I’m away from home.

Anyway, I’m just glad that I read more books than usual in June. I possibly could have read more if I didn’t give in to the temptation of binge watching Lucifer to see what the fuss is all about. Of course, this has nothing to do with my college anxiety. I’m not drowning myself in books and TV shows because I’m scared of the new environment and potential sleepness nights. IT DEFINITELY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. *nervous laughter*


june 2019 wrap up2-1


So, I read seven books this month which is an improvement from last month’s four. I know it’s not a huge leap but I’m taking any progress with great enthusiasm because this is the level of petty I’m currently in.

Oh and so far, I’ve already read 13 books for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge which means that I can finally snag the Philippine tarsier and the Indian cobra badges! I’m also 8 books away from my ultimate goal of reading a minimum of 21 books written by Asian authors AND I’M JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH HAPPINESS. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to read so many books by Asian authors and if you want to take part in this challenge too, check this post out!

Here are the books I read in June:

1. Stronger than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan (★★★☆☆)


Steampunk fantasy inspired from Qin-dynasty China! This is an adventure-filled book complete with mechanical dragons and a trip to the Underworld. It has a solid plot and good world-building but I didn’t like the romance subplot which is rushed and underdeveloped. Read my full review here.

2. ‎Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim (★★★★☆)


This is a mouth-watering book that teaches the importance of family. It also has real recipes inside that you can use if cooking doesn’t hate you like it hates me. Highly recommended to bookdragons who love magical realism and food. Read my review here.

3. ‎The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (★★★★★)


This Riordan trash is re-reading the Percy Jackson books again and I’VE GOT NO REGRETS. I missed Percy’s sass, Annabeth’s wit, and Grover’s love for enchiladas. I love my demigod children so much. You can find all my thoughts about the re-read here.

4. ‎The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson (★★★★☆)


If not for the distasteful romance subplot, I would’ve given this book five stars. The “male protagonist” (idk if I should call him that because this story can definitely survive without him) is a boring sack of potatoes and I hope he perishes in the second book. Oops. Anyway, this one’s an engaging page-turner that has giant magical crows. Highly-recommended for dragon fans. Read my full review here now.

5. ‎Pan’s Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun by Guillermo del Toro and Cornelia Funke (★★★★★)


THIS ONE’S PURE GENIUS. I may be the only organism on Earth who hasn’t seen the Pan’s Labyrinth movie but whatever I’m glad I read this book first. It has a very unique storyline plus it’s dark and full of magic. The atmospheric writing made this book extra powerful. If you love dark fairytales, this one’s for you. Check out my full review here.

6. ‎The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black (★★★★★)


MY VAMPIRE TRASH SELF HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE AND DEVOURED THIS BOOK. This is definitely one of the weirdest vampire books I’ve read but it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Despite being a standalone, this one has a well-woven plot. Everything was executed perfectly and I loved Holly Black’s portrayal of vampires. I’m totally kicking myself for not reading this book sooner. Read my full review here.

book of the month2

I’ve decided to highlight one book every month because why not? This book definitely deserves the spotlight.


Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay


This is a book close to my heart because it gives insight on the drug war that has happened in the Philippines. It’s an eye-opening story that moved me beyond words. If I say more, I’ll probably cry again so just read my full review to know all of my thoughts.


June has definitely been the Month of Blog Tours. I ended up taking part in FOUR blog tours which I’m quite proud of. Anyway, check out all my posts for this month:







Here are some of the blog posts I enjoyed reading this month:

Kaleena’s blog Reader Voracious is finally self-hosted! It looks so pretty and I’m sure Kal’s got a lot of surprises coming up for us so y’all need to support this new chapter in her blogging life.

• Check out this Summer Bucket List Book Tag that has a lot of high fantasy and light romance recs! I loved reading this post and I hope you will too.

• Cait @ PaperFury shared seven books that she almost didn’t read. Read her post now to find out what those books are 😉

• I don’t think this is a new post but it’s really a hidden gem you need to read. Read this post now for a comprehensive HTML tutorial that will certainly make your blogging life easier.

• May @ Forever and Everly has decided to hold the third annual book blogger awards! Check out the post now to know how to nominate your favorite bloggers.


✨ Make more progress on my Riordanverse re-read because the release date for The Tyrant’s Tomb is fast approaching

✨ Make more banners for my blog redesign that’s taking WAY TOO LONG to finish

✨ Binge watch all episodes of Lucifer before college life consumes me

✨ ‎Read more books so my TBR can finally stop screaming at me at night

✨ Write more blog posts without burning myself out (this is gonna be difficult to do oof)


There you go! I hope you liked the new graphics I made even though I didn’t pay much attention to the task as I was binge watching Lucifer. Have a wonderful July, y’all! Keep spreading bookdragon fire 🔥

tell me your thoughts2-1

How was your June? What was the best book you read? Do you have major goals for July?




  1. you stole all the words out of my mouth when it comes to Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon. My rating probably would’ve been higher if I hadn’t been disappointed my the romance. also, it’s so cool that Natalie Tan features recipes! i guess they’ll be fun to read only because cooking hates me as well..

    good luck in college though and I wish you a great July 💛


    1. Stronger than a Bronze Dragon had a very huge potential so I was sad that the romance subplot wasn’t well-executed. Overall though, it was still a good read. Hoping you get to read Natalie Tan soon.

      I also hope your July goes well 😌💕


  2. ahhh nothing like a good existential crisis before college 🤗 but alos YAY for Percy Jackson rereads and also I’m so glad you liked The Storm Crow because I have and need to read it. And omggg you read The Coldest Girl. I’m so proud and happy 😌Holly Black can do no wrong, this is just fact.

    (also thanks for sharing my post 😍)


    1. College is like the next monster I need to vanquish. I will slice through it using my magical wit and sheer awesomeness.

      I hope you get to like Storm Crow. And yes Holly Black is a queen! I won the Modern Faerie Tales tie-in on a giveaway and I’m excited to read the OG holly black faerie books.

      Have a great July! 💖


  3. Ahh.. I would be nervous about going to college too and burying myself in books and TV shows sounds like the path I would take too!! Sending you best wishes!!
    I love your new graphics btw!!
    Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon is definitely a book I want to check out so I’m glad you liked aspects of it. It is a shame that the romance wasn’t done very well though.
    I’m glad you are enjoyed your rereads of Percy Jackson– but I have never read them myself *hides in shame*!!
    I really want to read Patron Saints of Nothing after you’ve loved it so much!! It sounds so good– I need to get my hands on it!!
    I really like watching Lucifer– it is very addictive. I haven’t watched the latest season though! I need to get on that ASAP!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your binge watch!!
    I hope you have a great July and good luck with all your goals!!


    1. Eep thank you for appreciating the new graphics! I hope you get to read Patron Saints soon. Oh and I’m definitely enjoying Lucifer. I’m on season three now. Hoping to finish this series soon so I can read more books 😂

      Have a great July! You definitely deserve it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Welllllp, guess we’ll see how I find Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon, I can be super annoyed with bad romance subplots, and sometimes I’m just bitter and hate romance subplots in general lol. You read some pretty awesome books this month and congrats on your progress on YARC […speaking of, I need to update mine lol]. Also,’boring sack of potatoes'< That gave me life.


  5. Hey Rain! I found you through your *amazing* Kaz Brekker quote on Twitter- it was. Pure. Gold. And now that I hopped on over to your blog, I found that your writing style is so relatable and OMG MY FELLOW DEMIGODDDD YAYYYY. Also I really wanted to read Natalie Tan but I couldn’t, sadly 😝
    Anyway, I really wnjoyes this post and I hope we can stay in touch and interact 💙


    1. Oh wow Kaz Brekker owns all the credit for that. He’s a true legend. AND OMG HULLO FELLOW DEMIGOD. Sorry it took me so long to respond because I suck at replying to my blog comments. If you want to talk, feel free to DM me on Twitter. It always makes me happy to meet new demigods.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ah I hope you have tons of fun as you start college! I remember how nervous and excited I was, going into freshman year, and I made so many great memories and friends (still am, actually, I haven’t graduated yet lol). I would definitely recommend ebooks, they’re easier to carry around as you go to classes and try out cafes / the library / wherever else you explore, and your favorite editions can stay safe at home 😉

    congrats on reaching the next YARC badges! (which reminds me I should update my challenge too, oops it’s been a while.) and wow it definitely looks like it’s been a pretty great reading *and* blogging month for you – I hope your July is even better!

    I read the whole Wayfarers trilogy (The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, A Closed and Common Orbit, Record of a Spaceborn Few) in June and they’re probably my favorite reads for the month, particularly the last one. but I also read Spin the Dawn and Eclipse the Skies (and reread Ignite the Stars) so it’s definitely a tough pick 📚


    1. Yes I’m planning to just bring ebooks because I’m so paranoid about my physical books. I almost forgot to update my YARC challenge and I hope you update yours too. I’d love to know your progress as well 😊

      Seems like you read a lot of great books in June. Have a great July!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats for college! Yay for Percy Jackson reread! Honestly, when is it not a good time to reread the franchise? I can’t wait to read Pan’s Labyrinth as I am trash for the movie and the author.


    1. And a huge yes for Lucifer!! I need to get back to that show soon (she said while remembering all the 1515454 shows she also needs to watch). (had to reply to my own comment since my laptop was acting up before I could add this.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Good job on reading so many books! I read a total of ONE book in June – but I attended a friend’s wedding, and spent time with my parents, so I’m taking it as a good month.


  9. Aaaaah I also read 7 books last month, though I went from reading 0 in May to 7 in June and I’m so hoping this means I’ve kicked the slumps ass. Also…”The “male protagonist” (idk if I should call him that because this story can definitely survive without him) is a boring sack of potatoes and I hope he perishes in the second book.”

    I snickered loudly, I want to read this book not just because you rated it high but also I want to meet this sack of potatoes than angered my sis so much she hopes he perishes xD Also you’ll do fine in college Rain, when I first started college it was a change and whilst I still live at home and my parents dropped me off to get the bus. It was a lot of new things to take in and my social anxiety reared its head many times, and still does. I hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to hear all about your time there sis! ❤



      Thank you for wishing me luck on college! I’m really anxious but I’m really excited as well. I hope everything goes well.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. My June was *busy.* I feel like I did so much yet, I don’t actually remember doing anything, haha.

    I adore your graphics!!!! Also I L-O-V-E the book highlight. I might that into my wrap ups as well! The best book I read in June would have to be The Lonely Dead by April Henry.

    I have a few things going on in July. First up, find work and start getting an income (most important), then start planning and hopefully working on Project A, as well as Project B. I have so many things happening in my head, it’s amazing that I can *sometimes* think straight.

    Lovely post! 🙂


  11. I’m starting college in August too! I’m really excited but also nervous af.
    Also yaay for advancing on your reading goals. And guess who’s going for a redesign too? Moi. Gah it’s so hectic and time-consuming 😵


  12. Oh man, I am bummed about Stronger than a Bronze Dragon. I started my ARC last month and after 20 pages set it aside – I wasn’t sure if it was mood or the writing, so I plan to return to it, but I will lower my expectations accordingly.

    Good luck on your Lucifer marathoning and Riordanverse re-reads before you go off to college! And thank you SO MUCH for your support on my self-hosted move! ILYSM


    1. I almost dnf’d bronze dragon but I needed to finish it because I had to write a review. I eventually enjoyed it somehow but it still fell flat on many aspects. I hope you return to it though. Second time’s the charm 😌

      Ooh and I’m done with Lucifer and I’m nowhere near the end of riordanverse-athon. OF COURSE YOU HAVE ALL OF MY SUPPORT 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it is useful to know it does get a bit better, I will save the book for a non-slumpy time to give it the best shot!

        GODSPEED. I am almost finished with rewatching the first 3 seasons of Veronica Mars… it’s been on Hulu for like 4 days lol

        Liked by 1 person

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