Hullo, bookdragons!

It’s finally time to declare my reading goals and sob in the darkness because I think I can’t achieve half of them but apparently MY OVER-ACHIEVING SPIRIT DOESN’T CARE. Anyway, these are just the things that will hopefully motivate me to succeed in dominating the world so I’m really hoping that they can serve their purpose.


1. Diversify my reading choices

I didn’t read many diverse books in 2018 and I’m definitely going to correct that this year. I especially want to read more books by Asian authors because I would love to support books that represent my own culture and history. Of course, reading books written by authors of color is definitely a priotity this year.

2018-12-09 01-1152646381..jpg

2018-12-01 11992537073..jpg

2. ‎Read ARCs on time

Oh wow we’re still on goal #2 but we’re already reaching the this-is-highly-unattainable part. I seriously need to tie my hands up because I can’t stop myself from requesting ARCs. So far, I think I’m creating a dent on my huge ARC pile and I hope I can keep this up for the rest of the year. I want to read and review ARCs at the right time because advance reviews really help readers and authors alike. Of course, I’d love to assist you on your pre-order choices. I apologize in advance to your bank accounts.

3. ‎Write reviews after reading

I used to do this habit back when the dinosaurs still roamed the Earth. Now, after I read a book, I tend to hold off reviewing it and then start another book. I sometimes review a book weeks after reading it which at that point I’d be as clueless as a doorknob that cannot be turned. I can actually feel those two books that I RTC-zoned (review to come) on Goodreads glaring at me with bloodshot eyes.

It would be an achievement for me if I get back to diligently reviewing a book IMMEDIATELY after reading it. That way my thoughts would be fresh and my shrieking would be 500 times louder.

2018-11-24 11-798824992..jpg

2018-12-18 111548385912..jpg

4. ‎Read 50 books (or a hundred) 

I set my Goodreads challenge goal to 50 because I suddenly remembered that I actually am a student who’s about to enter college this year. I will also have my first semester finals soon and I still have a culmination activity for PE where I need to dance my bones out again. YES SCHOOL IS OUT FOR MY BLOOD. At this point, I don’t know how to manage being a student book blogger and being a student so I set my goodreads goal lower. In my heart, I want to read a hundred books this year but I doubt I can achieve that with my full schedule. I guess I’ll just have to hope.

5. ‎Re-read old faves

I’ve re-read 12 books last year but I’m planning to increase that number in 2019. Of course, I’m going to have my annual Harry Potter and Percy Jackson re-reads. Also, I really have to read some old Riordan faves again (there are about 20+ of them because I love all of Uncle Rick’s books). I may have to make a Six of Crows yearly re-read too because that’s how much of a trash I am.

2018-12-18 121539250419..jpg

2018-12-18 11-2108599006..jpg

6. ‎Read backlist titles

2018 was a year for backlists and I don’t plan on slowing down my progress on decreasing my backlist TBR pile. I still have a lot of books to catch up on and I’m looking forward to binge reading some series like The Illuminae Files and the Mistborn trilogy. WATCH OUT FOR ME, MY CHILDREN

7. ‎Support more authors

I’m aiming to support more authors especially those who are only releasing their debuts this year. I still have some review copies sent by authors and they’re already badly overdue. DEFINITELY DRIPPING WITH GUILT HERE. I’m truly sorry. I’ll read them this year. I also want to do author interviews and I know it will take about 50 rituals to gather up all the courage I need but I’ll work it out eventually. Hopefully.

2018-12-09 11221615511..jpg

2018-12-18 11-591675188..jpg


Well, that’s it for now! I hope the universe will conspire to grant me success this year. 2019 IS STILL GOING TO BE A YEAR OF BOOKS and I’m preparing my heart (and my wallet) for all the great releases.


What are your 2019 reading goals? Do you write your reviews immediately after reading a book? Oh and what do you think about re-reads? 



  1. Good luck with your goals!
    I know everyone has a different college experience, but I just finished my first semester at university and I read more than twice as many books as I used to in high school! I mean, my university is pretty good and we have lots of work, but the time management system is different than in high school. I hope college doesn’t deprive you of your reading plans!


  2. My reading goals are set to minimum 20 books 😂😂😂even I accepted some reviews just to support new bloggers but , what to say I’m too guilt ridden 🙈🙈and yes I review books after 1-2 weeks after its read ..😂🤣so I get quite blank out ..


  3. Oh, Rain with this spirit and attitude YOU WILL. AHHHH, you’re about to enter college! YAY! I want to write down my thoughts too like right after reading a book, when time passes by it can be slumping to collect previous thoughts about the book. I am rooting for you, good luck with everything and Happy 2019!


  4. Behind you all the way in diversifying your reading!!! You know I’m always down to recommend Asian authors to people! 😉


  5. I always try my best to write my reviews right after I finish a book, or at least write down some notes, so I can organize my ideas more coherently ❤
    I’m aiming to read 100 books this year, and yiKEs, I have nO idea how I’m gonna accomplish that, but we’ll see 😅
    And one of my goals is also read and review ARCs on time! Book blogger struggles at their finest 😂


    1. I’m saying yes to wishing to read a hundred books with absolutely no idea how to achieve it. Book bloggers who review ARCs on time are wizards tbh. WE CAN DO THIS THOUGH. I know we can.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I looove your goals and definitely relate to most of these! I want to do more rereads and get my ARCs done on time and support aaall the authors. Also hyping up authors in their 2nd years because I’ve only just now realised how hard it is to be a sophomore author instead of a debuter haha 😂AND YES for it being a year of aaaall the books!! All the pretty new shiny ones are going to be the death of me but I have no regrets.😍


    1. NOW I REALIZE THAT IT MUST BE HARD TO BE A SOPHOMORE AUTHOR. Don’t worry, I’ll support them too (especially youuu). I know all these shiny books are going to end me too. Looks are surely deceiving. That’s for sure 😭


  7. Hey Rain! My reading goal count is 10 (please don’t breathe your Hungarian Horntail fire down my sad Swedish Short Snout back!!) I got my blasted Boards this year and in HP terms, they’re quite literally the O. W. L. s. I’m reading Game of Thrones but rn I’m rereading Infernal Devices! So fun! And you know what? I totally understand your crush on Jem now. I don’t harbour any fancy for him, mind you. Mr. Herondale has me enraptured for life but Jem is so….. Well, you know what I mean, don’t you?😉
    Also: poor demigods like me rely on your godly reviews so never stop. And do read classics too. You’re missing out on the iconic stuff with all of this hotshot business! GO BOOKDRAGONS!


    1. Oooh I totally understand Myra! 10 books are enough especially for your busy schedule. I LOVE JEM WITH ALL MY HEART OKAY? I actually thought I would fall for Will but BAM! Jem appeared and it was all over for anyone else. I’m glad my reviews help you. And yes I’ll try to read classics. Maybe this year. I won’t promise anything though 😅


  8. The goal this year is twice as many as I read last year so I’m at 24 for my magical number! Good luck with your goal, it’s awesome. I tend to review within the week.


  9. Aaaah sis you’re gonna smash these goals I know you will! Love all these goals Rain, also we do need to figure out what our post for Dragons Discuss will be on this month *chuckles* that’s allowing school hasn’t kidnapped you *sniffs*



      Of course we’ll plan that post sis! I still have to go through my final exams next week but after that I’ll be all-out on blogging again 💪


  10. Best of luck for all of your goals! I really, really want to try and write my reviews immediately after finishing a book, but…. I can never ever do that haha, I need to do better and at least write them within the week or something? I forget everything afterwards haha 🙂
    Best of luck!! 🙂


  11. Good luck on all your goals! They all sound fantastic! I’m also really bad at writing review immediately after reading a book. It’s terrible. And I also made my official reading goal lower than what I hope to read because of busyness.

    I honestly admire all the goals you set for yourself. I barely made any because I don’t want to fail 😂


    1. Aww I hope you get to achieve your goals! We really need dark magic to be able to write reviews after reading the book. LIKE HOW DO WE DO THAT???


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