I made this post because I have seen lots of bookdragons on Twitter who say that they want to make a bookstagram account but they’re afraid to do so because they don’t have many props and books. Those tweets hit too close to home since I felt that way a month ago. I’ve always wanted to create a bookstagram account but I had about 43767649 insecurities which stopped me from doing what I wanted.

But guess what? I fought against those insecurities and am now juggling school with blogging, reading, bookstagram, and planning to rule the world. Look at me go!

I started my bookstagram a month ago. Looking back, it was just a huge leap of faith on my part (plus a little bit of divine intervention??? Apollo is really out there giving me confidence). I wasn’t a skilled photographer (still isn’t). I had zero equipment. I didn’t have enough props. I didn’t really have much confidence. What I did have were friends and their undying support. They believed in me and then I started believing in myself.


This is why I’m making this post. I am NOT an expert at bookstagram. There are tons of people out there who have better stats and pictures but I want to give you tips based on my experience. As a beginner myself, I can actually relate to those who are still starting (or those who want to start) their bookstagram.



1. Use what you have 


…Or you can just look around your home and hunt for potential props. Yes you read it right. THERE ARE POTENTIAL PROPS IN YOUR HOME. You just have to stop procrastinating and look for it. Or you can ask your mom where the things are. At least that’s what I did. (love ya mom)

• Your clothes can be used as props. You don’t even have to buy fancy garments because your precious jackets, scarves, jeans, and shirts can be used in your bookstagram. I, for one, use my fluffy jacket and my mom’s scarf.



Your pets can even be included in your bookstagram pictures! I don’t have pets I can take pictures of but maybe you do. Just be careful in handling dragons and three-headed dogs. They bite.

• Use any trinket you can find. Keys, pebbles, and even dried leaves from your local potted plant can make your bookstagram picture aesthetic.


2. ‎Buy what you can

I know it’s tempting to buy props and bookish merch from shops but if you’re broke (like me) try using cheaper things as props instead. This can help you save up and prevent your wallet from jumping off a cliff.

• Plastic flowers can be bought at your local store for a dollar or less. You don’t even need to buy lots of flowers. I use white flowers for my pictures because white works out with anything.


• I also want to buy bookish candles all the time but I’M REALLY REALLY BROKE (what else is new??). What I did was buy candles from the grocery store. They don’t look as pretty as bookish candles but you can also personalize them if you have the time. Broke bookdragons need to work twice as hard but we’re a creative bunch. WE CAN DO THIS FOLKS.


• There is also the issue of being discouraged to open a bookstagram account because one doesn’t have many books. I understand the feeling but I’m telling you this now: HAVING LESS BOOKS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A LESS VALID BOOKSTAGRAMMER. There’s nothing wrong with posting many pictures of the same book or using your Kindle as an alternative bookstagram prop. My feed is full of This Savage Song content and no one even bats an eye.


What I’m saying here is you don’t have to spend a lot just to have a good bookstagram feed. Buy whatever is within your budget. This is completely fine.

3. ‎Try out new things

It doesn’t necessary mean that you immediately need a bookstagram theme if you start an account. Don’t be afraid of trying out new things. You’re just starting. You’ll find the right theme soon enough.

4. ‎Use editing apps

I mainly use VSCO to edit my pictures but some bookstagrammers also use Snapseed, FaceTune, or Adobe Lightroom. I’m not an expert at editing pictures but I do try. You should too! There are also lots of filters on Instagram so you can just edit there too.

5. ‎Use the right hashtags

After more than a month on bookstagram, I now have almost 500 followers and my pictures usually get about 70-100 likes which I really didn’t expect when I started. I don’t have a huge follower count but I think one of the reasons why I get so much engagement is because I use lots of hashtags. Using tags can allow more people to see your content and will help you in getting the engagement you need.

6. ‎Interact with other bookstagrammers

BE ACTIVE. Interact with bookstagrammers. Comment on their posts and show their pictures some love. Bookdragons on Instagram are also very supportive and they made me feel very welcome in my first month.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. We don’t bite most of the time! You’ll be fine.

7. Take and take pictures

FILL YOUR GALLERY WITH 1000 PICTURES OF THE SAME BOOK AND POST THE ONE THAT CALLS TO YOUR SOUL. This process will probably take you about a hundred years but dragons have large life spans so this is totally okay.


Taking lots of pictures will help you improve. You can also stock up pictures so you won’t run out of things to post. I usually take pictures on the weekends because free time is scarce. Can someone tell me where to buy free time??? I badly need it right now.


Aaaand that’s it! Again, I’m not an expert at bookstagram but I hope this post helped you in its own little way. If you’re reading this post and you’ve been on bookstagram for a long time, please share some tips below too! Let’s conquer the world together!!!

If you want to see more of my bookstagram pictures, visit my account here.


Do you have a bookstagram account? If yes, what is your favorite thing about bookstagram? If no, are you planning to make an account?



  1. I just don’t have the time to interact on Instagram… Rain, I am already struggling hence Instagram is taking a back seat. With job pressures and other responsibilities, Sighhh


  2. One of my new favourite props is my long grey jersey. That and scarves! I usually dangle treats as an incentive 😁 I’m planning to take a whole bunch of photos outside in the grass so I can post that if I don’t have time to post anything else.
    I love it when you post a photo you’re really proud of and the likes start streaming in and then you feel good about yourself 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I haven’t tried taking out my books and laying it on the grass but I enjoy seeing bookstagram pictures which feature the outdoors! I feel proud of myself when the likes come in too because I really work hard on taking my pictures. I’m not an expert at photography so I’m exerting so much effort on everything 😂


  3. *posted on her bookstagram yesterday* Literally I wanna run and hide Rain, bookstagram terrifies me because I’m a perfectionist…and damn does my inner perfectionist rise with creative stuff. Bookstagram and I have a rocky history, of me trying and failing so many times because I hated the things I posted, I’ve deleted the photos many times and now I have 4 posts. I’m determined to just go for it this time, only I’m making a plan and stocking up on photos otherwise I’d probably keel over and cry an ocean within a week.

    Camilla and Soph told me about Snapseed, it’s great and I confess to enjoying editing my photos a lil too much xD As for props…I have a lot of ornaments which is helpful. I also have plenty of books to keep my going for now…cause again…I hoard over 17 (nearly 18) years and have amassed 250+ books. Can’t reach them all cause some are stacked, others are hidden away. But…I’m being overrun by books. I just never unhaul my books and I’m lucky enough to have family buy me books 🙂

    I think as well if people have access to libraries they could use library books, no shame in that, obviously you need to be near a library first. Which erm…isn’t the case for a lot of us. Love this post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your pictures look awesome! I don’t have a bookstagram but I love looking at other people’s book photos. These tips are pretty helpful. I was considering making a bookstagram awhile back but it seemed pretty time consuming so I decided not to. But I’m glad you mentioned the fact that it’s OK not to own tons of books. That’s one of the reasons I was put off posting book photos when I did have time because I realized that since I mostly read on my Kindle, I don’t have a ton of paperbacks to take photos of haha.


      1. We have an old cool typewriter somewhere in the basement (my mom was a transcriptionist). I should really pull it out for photos! I love the fact that you also use stuff that’s lying around the house.


  5. This post is perfect! I was just planning to create my own bookstagram but like you, the 5932875487 insecurities PLUS I don’t really have a lot of books! I’m a broke girl and shipping to the Philippines is GOLD. Thank you for sharing your tips! I will most definitely remember these! 🙂


    1. Gold describes PH shipping the best. I’m from the Philippines too and I know the experience too well. I hope you make a bookstagram soon! Burn all those insecurities and roar to the skies. I’m so happy this post helped you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Omg I know. I want to buy $25 books which is reasonable, but then plus shipping it’s like $50-$60 wth. I’ll make one soon! I’m just soo busy with the day job right now. lol


  7. this was actually really helpful! one additional thing that i find helpful is consistency. posting regularly shows your followers that you’re consistent and there for the long haul (this is the biggest problem for me LOL)


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