Hullo! Your fiercest bookdragons are here for another Dragons Discuss post. This is the second post for our series and if you want to read the first post, head over to Clo’s blog and roar to the skies if you’re part of the bookdragon movement too.

To those smol beans who are still confused:

What is Dragons Discuss? 

Dragons Discuss is a blog series formed by two bookdragons drawn together by fate and the Internet. These bookdragons in question are Rain and Clo. They both believe that book lovers deserve to be called “bookdragons” instead of “bookworms” and are possibly planning to take the world by fire and storm. 

Dragons Discuss was launched last August 27 on Clo’s blog.  This series aims to entertain and give wisdom to humans and bookdragons alike. Posts will be alternately published between Clo’s and Rain’s blogs. 

Look out for their posts or risk being turned into ashes 😈

Just kidding. 


Well thank you for that information, ominous third-person narrator. For our second post, Clo and I are going to share some blogging wisdom that will feed your last two brain cells. Clo’s been blogging longer than I have but I have learned a lot of things in my 4 months of blogging.

*Words of wisdom in this color are from Rain

*Words of wisdom in this color are from Clo


Here are some blogging do’s and dont’s that may or may not help you rule the world:


1. Lists are the keys to success

I love lists because they’re easier to read. Pure paragraphs just make my head ache because I have a short attention span. Lists also make your post more organized plus they’re more fun to write! Take it from me. My blogposts are 90% lists and I regret nothing.

2. Blog Hop

Being interactive is great on social media, like Twitter and Instagram (bookstagram) but you need to blog hop too, without that, you’ll probably suffer in silence and not find the rest of community. Which would be sad cause we’re a great community, we’ll support you, join in on your fangirling but we can’t do if we don’t know you exist.

3. It’s okay to use an informal tone

Your blog isn’t an essay you need to pass to your temperamental English teacher. Be your quirky, fun, and dragon-loving self! People will remember you more if your posts make them laugh or smile. Keep your tone light. This will make it easier for your readers to interact with you. 

4. Stick to your niche

By this I mean if you’re book blogger don’t post a ton of posts talking about lifestyle unless you’ve made it clear somewhere you’re both a book and lifestyle blogger. I post about books, writing and I also have a series of posts which allow me to discuss topics which may not link to books, blogging and writing.

5. Keep your blog informative

Every blogger should remember that their blog is for their readers too. Don’t just write about yourself. Write for your readers. Give them tips, recommendations and advices that will take them one step closer to conquering the world. 

Blogging becomes really fulfilling if you can impart bits and pieces of wisdom to the people who take the time to read your content. 

6.  Post length doesn’t matter

No seriously, some posts can be short others can be long, don’t worry about the word count. A lot of my posts sit around the 1.2k word count, which is ok, but it’s your blog. As long as you write content you’re doing great 😊

7. Post regularly

I already pointed this out on my previous post but I’ll say it again: MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN. People will easily forget you if you post just when the blood moon is out. Posting regularly can be difficult if you’re busy with other things in life but alloting even 15 minutes to blogging can work wonders. 

Write posts whenever you can. Don’t ignore your blog. Do the necessary rituals. Summon the right monsters. You’ll be fine. 

8. Experiment!

Starting out your blogging journey is daunting, we’ve all been there, all had blogs which were…well pretty messy to look at. You’ll only know how you want your blog to look through experimenting.

9. Keep the faith.

Blogging can be disheartening especially of your stats are getting lower but as long as there is one person out there who reads your posts, keep blogging for them. If people can see your passion for blogging, they will realize that you’re worth following. 

Being discouraged is entirely normal but DO NOT GIVE UP. That’s what dragons do. We spread our wings and roar even if there are circumstances that will attempt to put out the fire inside us. 


10. Ask for help

If there’s something you’re not sure of, ask a fellow book blogger/blogger we’re always happy to help and may not get back to right away, but when we see it we’ll do our best to help you out.



1. Don’t comment for the sake of it.

We all love getting comments and we all like returning the favour. Sometimes though we just don’t have anything to add, which is ok, so unless you have something to add don’t feel obliged to comment. Like the post instead or share it on social media.

2. Don’t steal content. 

It’s okay to draw inspiration from other bloggers but give them the credit they deserve. Stealing content is highly inappropriate and will earn you a one-way trip to Azkaban. 100% will not recommend the experience. 

3. Don’t tag authors in negative reviews.

*this tip is for book bloggers

I can’t stress this enough. Authors don’t want to see negative reviews ok, if it’s say 4 stars + then sure go for it or maybe just tweet them saying how much you loved their book. Tagging them in a negative review is just a huge NO-NO.

4. Don’t ignore spam comments. 

Yes there are tons of nonsensical comments in your spam folder but once in a while, a proper comment actually gets lost there. I don’t know why but you should check on your spam folder regularly because you might find a hidden gem or two. That has happened a lot of times already. Who knows? Maybe you can find one proper comment among all the gibberish that can make your day brighter. 

5.  Don’t post a ton of reviews.

*another tip for book bloggers

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘but what else is there to post?’ The thing with book reviews is, they tend to receive the lowest amount of traffic. Spread out the reviews and pop in a few tags, a discussion post shake it up a bit. You’ll get more traffic that way (hopefully)

6. Don’t see other bloggers as competition.

There are tons of bloggers out there who receive better engagement that you do but you should not see them as competition. Instead, see them as inspiration. Envy is toxic and you should push it out of your system before it’s too late. LET’S KEEP THIS COMMUNITY NON-TOXIC, FOLKS THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 

You can even approach more successful bloggers and ask them to give you some tips on how to make your blog grow. Don’t be afraid of seeking for advice. The people who make up the blogging community are supportive.

7. Don’t post spoilers.

*important tip for book bloggers!

This is a pretty obvious one but in reviews and comments, make sure you warn people of spoilers. Not everyone will take kindly to reading a post or casually going through the comments, to see a spoiler.

8. Don’t be ashamed to share your content everywhere.

Your blogposts are your smol children and they deserve all the attention they can get! It’s completely fine to share your posts multiple times on your various social media accounts. If the people who follow you aren’t comfortable with that, they’re not worth keeping. 

Sharing and promoting posts can increase traffic and will help you to interact with more bloggers on the Internet. If you have a small follower count, don’t fear. The blogging community is vast. We’ll find you anywhere 😉

9. Don’t use graphics/pictures if you don’t know they’re available for free.

Copyright folks, it’s a pain but there are a ton of sites around that offer free graphics, pictures if you’re not artistic enough to draw your own. Don’t lift stuff from google images, please don’t because you could be in breach of copyright and that’s a headache. If you’re unsure on where to go ask someone.

*Pexels is a site that offers free photos

10. Don’t procrastinate. 

LOOK WE AIM TO MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE HERE OKAY??? I know this is as difficult as flying without wings or defeating that evil wizard who vows to destroy the world but it is undeniable that procrastination is a huge hindrance to making your blog more successful. Trust me on this. I’m the queen of procrastination who spends 70% of her free time on Twitter. 

It’s going to be difficult but at least try to make an effort to say goodbye to procrastination even if it says hi to your face every 10 seconds. WE CAN DO THIS. 

Hmm maybe I should just spend 68% of my free time on Twitter instead. This is me actually trying to make an effort. I deserve chocolates for this. 


AAAAND THAT’S IT! I hope you learned something from this post. Your resident bookdragons will be back next month so stay tuned for the next Dragons Discuss post! Next post will be up next month on Clo’s blog.


Have you learned something from this post? What tip did you like the most? Do you have additional blogging do’s and dont’s? Leave them in the comment section! 


  1. Oooh tags and awards… Oh I am so slow on my tags… Trying to post regularly. I follow some do’s of yours, some I don’t
    Regularly – yeah, somewhat
    Be nice – always. I don’t comment in off mood
    The only part I am slightly different is I write 2 words as comments, when I am blocked for words or have other stresses happening or life is difficult. It is to show I care and I like the post, but I am having my own problems to write more than 2 words. So bloggers do feel I am commenting for the heck of it. But it is not. I don’t comment when I don’t know what to comment in a post. Also, Rain, I read on the go, so sometimes in public transport or while walking, difficult to write long sentences. Just a thought
    I keep to book reviews with a few occasional personal posts… Well, is it my niche, maybe yes, so far… Let’s see what tomorrow brings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I absolutely adore your comments, Shalini! They make me so happy actually. And yes I read on the go too even if there’s a good chance I’ll get splattered by a car on the street. But I love reading so everything’s fine 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tips!! I post spoilers all the time, but I always include warnings. Most of my posts aren’t safe for those to don’t want spoilers, but that’s just my MO. My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with others on common ground, and I feel like it’s easier to connect with people who’ve read it when discussing spoilers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Posting spoilers is okay as long as there are warnings. I love connecting with people from the bookish community too. Fangirling with fellow bookdragons is one of my favorite hobbies.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great tips! ❤

    I love reviews (reading and writing them), and only recently started participating in tags / awards. They are quite fun 😀

    I don’t think i’ve ever written a discussion, but i do enjoy commenting on them on other blogs 😀


  4. I have a problem with No.4 “do’s” .. like, I agree and disagree with it. Yes, true, a book blogger shouldn’t have more post that isn’t about books, per se, but don’t restrain yourself to **Just because you are a book blogger**. You know what I mean ? this is your own universe, if you feel like writing something totally different once in a while or have more than one niche, go for it!

    yes, absolutely !! DO blog hop and return your lovely comments, but please DO NOT just comment for the sake of it. if you don’t have anything to say, just move along to the next one – no problem there. Sometimes I get comments where im just like ” ….??” and have no ideas what I can possibly say in return, and yes, sometimes we can know it was just for the sake of commenting.

    highly approuve No.5 “don’t”; not only for traffic itself, but if I pop in and see all you have on your blog is reviews … im sorry, but I need to go. I just aren’t interrested in reviews all the time, I wanna know the blogger behind the blog. I wanna have the little bookish conversations..

    Lovely posts, girls xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I absolutely get what you mean about no. 4. I think it’s okay to blog about things other than books but you also need to make that clear with your readers that you’re not just blogging about books.

      I’m happy you could relate to lots of points in this post. Thank you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I get what you mean! Sometimes the same content can be boring when done over and over again. This is why we should think of new content every once in a while. Personally, this is torture to my rusty brain but I try my best 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This is A VERY great post!
    I want to be informative on my blog but the problem is that I’m not an informative person and I can’t even come up with a discussion post or advices. I don’t want to post ‘just’ book reviews because well, that would be boring, right? But I don’t know what to post and it leads me to abandoning it sometimes *sighs*
    Anddd from that, my blog is a boring place for everyone and me to be honest. Of course when it’s boring, it’ll affecting the stats. Sometimes, no one visits my blog lmao and yeah it’s really disheartening and I just want to abandon it again like I did before.
    Anyway, you guys gave great tips! Amazing bookdragons 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you loved the post! I saw your blog and I think it’s really pretty. I love your banners so much. I hope these tips helped you in some way. Good luck on your blogging. Just write and write. Everything will work out soon. Hopefully 😊


  6. I know it’s bad to use book cover images online, and it’s always better to take your own, which I normally try to do. But what if I’m talking about a book I don’t actually own, and I still want to include a picture to avoid wall-of-text syndrome? Those free picture sites don’t usually include pictures of the specific books I might be talking about, so would it be better to not have pictures at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not an expert on copyright infringement but I do know that most authors and publishers are fine with bloggers to post a picture of their book cover (especially for reviews) because it helps with publicity. I usually get book covers from goodreads and I haven’t had any problem whatsoever about that. Here’s a post about this topic which explains the issue better: https://librarianwhodoesntsayshhh.com/2014/05/26/book-cover-images-copyright/

      I hope it helps you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I don’t take my own photos of the books, cause that’s effort *rolls* plus I borrow books from my library so yeah…I go onto Goodreads though. What I do is go onto goodreads, find the cover of the book I read, right click save the image, then upload it to my media and viola. Using images from Goodreads and/or Amazon is fine, as long as you make sure you don’t copy and paste the image. You want to save the image then upload it to your media 🙂

      And if you’re worried about doing that for copyright infringement, just include in your disclaimers that images unless stated otherwise are from Goodreads/Amazon. It’s what I do on mine

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes to informal tones! I’m glad you feel the sams about spoilers too. In my case, I just prefer to shut my mouth instead of spouting spoilers. I want bookdragons to have a unique experience when they read so I try not to post spoilers as much as possible.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right? And if people who’ve read the book want to talk about said spoilers, they’re more than welcome to send an email or message on a social media app. I don’t even put spoilers On Goodreads when I update my reading. I got spoiled for the ending of a book and as I’ve recently finished it, I could tell I would’ve been more shocked by the ending – had I not seen the spoiler 😪😤

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahaha I didn’t actually notice, lol, your blog names ARE similar 😀 so cool that you’ve made a collab post named like that as well.

    I’m actually experimenting with those reviews right now. I’m going to keep reviews, but they’re not going to be standard formal reviews anymore (cause boring!) It’s going to be a cross between discussion/list/review? Actually, I don’t even know yet. We will see!


  8. These are all really good points for any blogger, really. Being apart of your blogging community is important to not only help you connect with likeminded people but it will help you on your blogging journey as well.


  9. I didn’t even think to check the spam for hidden gems!!!

    I’m struggling with posting my content then reposting but as a new blogger I really need to, I need to get past my own self doubt.

    Thank you I love this post!


  10. Lovely post! I definitely agree with all the points that you have mentioned here.
    The point about Spam comments is totally true. I get a ton of spam every day but I do make sure to check it regularly, in case I missed any important comment.
    Blog hopping is definitely the most important part of the blogging. Though I don’t always have time to do so, I always enjoy it when I do.
    I am going to share this in the next weekly wrap-up. Amazing.


    1. Wow thank you so much! Checking my spam comments is always an entertaining experience. I don’t get a lot of time to blog hop too and I always feel guilty because of that. I hope I can do it again soon

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Okay but you lost me there on the “don’t procrastinate” one. wHATEVER DO YOU MEAN???? WON’T MY BLOG POSTS WRITE THEMSELVES IF I PROCRASTINATE LONG ENOUGH????

    But seriously this is great! 😂And I wish more people thought about copyright images because it’s pretty obvious to me?! I have had several shocks going to visit blogs and finding they’d lifted my photos or graphics. Yikes. But otherwise blogging is so so great and you meet the most amazing people and your TBR doubles in size and there is no escape and it’s aLL SO GOOD.



      I’m really paranoid about copyright and I’m so sorry some people are stealing your amazing photos. WHY WOULD THEY EVEN DO THAT TO YOU. Anyway, I’m so glad to be a part of this community. Meeting people like you will never fail to make me feel so happy 😊


  12. This is an awesome post. Your Do’s list is very helpful. I hate spoilers, so I’m so glad that made the list. I think lists are important, but if you have a discussion post and you have a lot to say it’s important to format it in a way that breaks it up. Whether that means bullet points or throwing some relevant pictures in between paragraphs, readers are much more likely to keep reading if the post is easier on the eyes. (Like this one!) Also, there are a TON of places to get free photos, so I think it’s important to stock up.


    1. Yes to all the points you just mentioned! Lists are just easier to look at so they’re my favorite kind of posts. I also stock up lots of free photos. They’re blessings to this world.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Over on my blog, Thursday is review day. I only post one a week and sometimes, if I loved writing the review, I feel a little disappointed at the lack of comments, but that’s just the way of the blogosphere.

    I’m pretty bad at being social. Mainly because life is super hectic at the moment, but also because I’m kind of shy. Sometimes I flee halfway through writing a comment. :’) It’s kind of liberating to hear that you don’t always HAVE to comment.Usually bloggers recommend the opposite.


    1. I have social anxiety too and I know the struggle! Socializing can be hard but you’ll get used to it soon enough. Of course you don’t need to comment all the time. Do whatever makes you comfortable 😊


  14. Gosh, this was so helpful! Especially finding out about Pexels, glad you mentioned it, I was looking for free stock images! Keep at it, guys ❤️


  15. Ooh yeah this is definitely helpful. I am just starting out and I appreciate the tips and advice- the bit about speaking informally being ok stuck out in my mind. I tend to write in a more formal manner so I will keep that in mind and work on finding my most authentic voice. Thanks for the advice!


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