I’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD AGAIN!!! Thank you so much to @HermitOdysseus for this. I’m sorry if the post is late. I missed doing all these tags and I’m excited to be able to post one again!

Let’s get started, shall we?



1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. ‎Write a post to show your award.

3. ‎Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4. ‎Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5. ‎Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

6. ‎Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.



I’ve always wanted to publish a blog because I hardly have anyone to talk to about books in real life. It’s difficult to hold all these bookdragon flames inside me okay?? I NEEDED AN OUTLET TO SHARE MY BOOKDRAGON THOUGHTS and that’s why this blog was born.

It just took me so long to do it because I didn’t have enough courage and ideas. Cait @ PaperFury really helped to spark the fire in me and gave me inspiration to start a blog of my own. I think almost everyone in the bookish community knows Cait and she truly deserves all the recognition because she’s such a PRECIOUS bean! I’m really thankful for all the support she has given me ever since I started.

My Twitter family also gave me the confidence to start this blog. Without my online friends, this smol blog won’t exist at all. I don’t tolerate that “online friends are not real friends” talk because my online friends ARE REAL FRIENDS, okay??? They have so much trust in me and up until now, they still support me and my content. I HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY LOTS OF AMAZING PEOPLE AHHH


I’m a new blogger myself but I actually have lots of tips for new bloggers based on my blogging experience. I will share just two today but I’ll write more tips for you soon 😉

1. Use other social media platforms to your advantage

Sharing blogposts on social media helps in increasing traffic and engagement. I had a considerable number of followers on Twitter before I started this blog and sharing my first blogpost there really helped! Don’t be shy to share your content everywhere. Even if you don’t have a huge number of followers, you’ll get there soon! The blogging community is spread throughout a lot of platforms and every single blogger I’ve met online is supportive.

Social media platforms can be the keys to a fulfilling blogging life. They just don’t help in increasing traffic but they can be ways to meet friends who will support you all the way.


Share your posts. Connect with others. Seek advice. Support other bloggers.

2. Post regularly. 

This can be really difficult when you’re busy with work or school but if you have the free time, be sure to write and schedule blogposts! Even 15 minutes alloted to blogging can work wonders.

It’s important to make your presence known especially if you’re just starting. Posting regularly means you’re dedicated with what you do and more people will get to appreciate you and your content too.


It’s important to post regularly but you don’t have to pressure yourself if you’re too busy. Give yourself some breathing space too 😊


Tagging these awesome bloggers:

✨ Clo @ bookdragons247

✨ Sophia @ bookwyrmingthoughts

✨ Jamsu @ Jamsudreams

✨ Lauren @ northernplunder

✨ Kristina @ booksanddachshunds

✨ Sarika @ betweenthepages

✨ Kaleena @ readervoracious

✨ Sam @ SleepySamReads

✨ Dany @ ambivertwords

✨ Luana @ bookstormgirl

✨ Jess @ BrownOwlGirl

✨ Charleigh @ charleighwrites

✨ Esmée @ ezziesbookshelf

✨ Amy @ lbninthecorner

✨ Noura @ theperksofbeingnoura


Are you a blogger? If yes, why did you make your blog? Who are some of your blogging inspirations?


  1. I love your tips!! And I totally agree about needing an avenue to gush about books. I have no readers in my “real” life, and some things are impossible not to gush about.


  2. Thanks for the tag sista ❤ literally these tags are about to eat me alive phahaha, should probably get round to doing them soon!


  3. Thank you so much for the tips! I expected breaking into the blogging community to be intimidating, but you’re right when you say this community is nothing but supportive. Congratulations on the nomination, you deserve it!


  4. Hey I’m only just seeing this now!! thanks for the tag 🙂 I’m not sure if i even know 15 bloggers to tag hahaha, I might very well attempt this at some point though. I appreciate it ❤



    I started my blog being inspired from Cait too! 😍❤️ I feel she is half the reason behind the existence of so many book bloggers 😂 Also, you gave great advice!


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