Well, I haven’t been eaten by a hellhound or kidnapped by an evil sorcerer but I am having an existential crisis. I was supposed to post something else today but I haven’t been able to finish writing it because I procrastinated yesterday and now I have to focus on my college applications and just sob into the void because of anxiety.

Anyway, this is an emergency post because I promised to myself that I won’t post this unless the need arises. Now that I don’t have any other post up my sleeve, you’ll have to deal with this one. I know I don’t NEED to post when I don’t have time but I know you all miss me and I want to leave this post right here so that you’ll feel my presence even for a bit. Or maybe you actually don’t miss me but I’m posting this anyway because not posting anything makes me anxious.


You probably don’t remember but in my post “My Days Without the Internet (ft. Mini Reviews)”, I mentioned that I have written a poem and I was not sure I was going to post it because I didn’t have the courage. Actually, I still don’t. But here you go:



Once upon a time,

There was a girl

Who traveled through books

She leapt through pages

As if they were portals

That whisked her away

From the real world

She devoured words

As if they were faerie food

Trapping her

In a strange dimension

Of heroes and monsters

The more the girl traveled,

The more the edges blurred

Until reality faded

And fantasy won

The girl rejoiced

As she tasted freedom

Each story an escape

As much as an adventure

But one day,

The girl wondered

What life would be

Without her travels—

A world without magic,

Reality laid bare

With just the girl

And her demons.

The thought chilled her

But she knew

The stories and adventures

Won’t keep them at bay forever

So the girl strapped her armor,

And faced reality—

A hero at last

In her own story.


*buries self in my TBR pile* *emerges with difficulty*

AHHH I KNOW IT ISN’T MUCH. I still have to improve my poetry skills and eat a lot of chocolates for motivation. If you have tips on how I can improve my poetry, please let me know by leaving a comment.

SHOUT-OUT TO THE PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO TRY TO DO THINGS OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE. You deserve 172 books, 37 Nazgul cloaks, and 16 enemy hearts.

Bye for now!



25 thoughts on “POOR ATTEMPT AT POETRY #1”

  1. You know my thoughts already girl, I LOVE IT and if you want tips then…when I write a poem I try and remember it’s a story. It’s a different way of telling a story, less words, meaning you choose your words carefully they all must have impact in some way. It’s the same way I approach writing lyrics, just I have to figure out where to put the verses, pre chorus, chorus etc I’m still learning with lyrics. Poetry I’m more comfortable with these days ❤


    1. SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT. I haven’t read that yet but I would love to! I heard many positive things about it and I absolutely love the title. Will add this to my TBR list 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is awesome! I LOVE this line
    ‘Until Reality Faded
    And Fantasy Won’
    because damn, I would love for it to happen to me ❤

    Please continue writing. You look like you have some great ideas and I'm sure there'll be even more brilliant poetry being churned out in no time at all.

    Ps: I suck at writing Poetry so feel free to take my advice with a bit of salt 🙂 Have a great day xx


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