TIME TO STEAL A TAG AGAIN! Well, I saw this at PaperFury and I just fell in love immediately. This tag also came into my life at a convenient time because I AM CLOSE TO HAVING A READING SLUMP. I need to distract myself from that monstrosity and blogging seems to be the perfect distraction. Cait, thank you so much for this. You have saved a dragon’s life again. Check out Cait’s post here.




Start of the tag and my brain is already fried. I’ve got a lot of favorite authors and I just want to throw myself into the void to avoid making this decision. WHY MUST I SUFFER LIKE THIS.

Anyway, here goes the torture.

1. J. K. Rowling

It’s no secret that I have a Potter-shaped imprint inside my heart. I may not agree with Jo all the time but when I read some hateful comments about her, I can’t help but feel the urge to reduce those humans into ashes and fly into the nearest hill to lie low. Call it blind loyalty or whatever but I do owe a huge part of my life to J. K. Rowling. Harry Potter irrevocably changed my life and I will forever thank her for that.

2. Rick Riordan

I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH. The Riordanverse is vast and maybe scary to those who are still starting to read his books but I can say that it’s going to be so worth it. I’ve read every single one of his Middle Grade books from Percy Jackson to Trials of Apollo and will probably keep reading his books until I’m 100. His books also promote diversity and representation—two things that are highly important in the bookish community (or in any community for that matter). Uncle Rick gives us the quality content we deserve. SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN HIS LAUREL WREATHS.

3. V. E. Schwab and Leigh Bardugo

Look I’m trying here, okay? But it seems that choosing my third favorite author is harder than all my pre-calculus examinations combined. Okay maybe not. Calculus is really difficult but you get the point. I thought about this for a VERY long time (about a day and a half of sobbing) and decided that there are two authors tied in third place.

I’ve only read Schwab’s and Bardugo’s books more than a month ago but they made me scream into the void so many times that the void threatened to pluck out my vocal chords if I didn’t shut up. Their books are pure awesomeness. They’re both masters in world-building and magic systems plus their characters hold special places inside my heart.

Honorable mentions (because Cait isn’t the only one who can cheat and I’m not done cheating yet): Sarah J. Maas, Brandon Sanderson, Maggie Stiefvater, Matt Haig, Agatha Christie, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



1. Paper boat

I don’t trust a person who doesn’t make a paper boat as a bookmark. In short, I only trust myself because I’m the only one I know who uses paper boats as bookmarks. AH RAIN I CAN TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE.

Anyway, I have a soft spot for paper boats. I have little talent in origami and a paper boat is the only one I can expertly make. I’m still salty that my sister knows how to make a dragon origami. I hate you, DIY videos.

It’s really convenient to have a paper boat as a bookmark because it’s easy to make and if it gets lost, you can just make another one in three minutes! Plus, if you have extras, you can put them all in a basin and pretend you’re the Pirate King/Queen of Paper Boats. Isn’t that cool? You’ll be the only one with that title in the whole pirate business.

2. Price tag

Yes, a price tag is a constant reminder of that expensive shirt you bought instead of that shiny book but it does have a bookish use so you won’t feel so bad anymore! Just get the price tag off that shirt, punch a hole in the upper portion and tie a piece of yarn then BAM you now have a new bookmark.

Ugh I really suck at being a DIY instructor.

It was my mom’s idea to convert price tags to bookmarks. Instead of throwing them away, she recycled them and put them to use. Yes to my mom as an environmentalist!

3. ‎Handkerchief

I can’t live my life without a handkerchief. I have sweaty palms that were blessed by Poseidon himself and a hundred more water deities so I really need a handkerchief in my life to avoid making a mini-river. Because I always have a handkerchief with me, I seldom use it as a bookmark because I’ve lost thousands of paper boats at this point. I don’t know why but those little vessels just disappear and leave me sobbing and dumbfounded.

A handkerchief is part of my Top Ten List of Things I Can’t Live Without.



1. Grisha trilogy + Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo 

Fine this is considered a bit like cheating but I did binge read these two series and they happen in the same universe so I can list them in one number. Ahh I’m so good at making up reasons.

Anyway, it took me a short time to read the Grisha trilogy + the Six of Crows duology because I couldn’t put them down. If you have read these two series, I’m sure you can understand me. LB is a queen and her books always seem to glue themselves into my hands. Tricky huh.

2. ‎Shades of Magic trilogy by V. E. Schwab

This series destroyed and completed me. I read one book after the other with a trail of blood and tears behind me. Everything about this series IS SO GOOD I wanted to re-read them five minutes after I finished all three books.

3. ‎Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I’ve been putting off reading this series because I wanted to read it after the release of the last book. But then the temptation was too great so I picked it up and read all six books in less than a month. I completely devoured the books and once again left a trail of blood, sweat, and tears behind me. I don’t have enough words as to how brilliant this series is. Sure, I didn’t like the first two books that well but that didn’t stop me from being an emotional fire-breather while reading them. I couldn’t even count how many times I cried because of Crown of Midnight.




1. Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

I can’t not include Percy in this list. He’s my most precious smol blue bean and I will support him from Tartarus and beyond. I don’t think I need to explain more. The number of Rick Riordan books I’ve read speaks volumes about how huge Percy’s role in my life has been.


2. ‎Nikolai Lantsov from the Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo 

I cannot stop shrieking about Nikolai. I CAN’T. I JUST CAN’T. I fell in love with his character at first sight (first read?) and it would be so cool to be his Privateer Queen of Paper Boats. I’m choking with impatience because I want to read King of Scars ASAP but I obviously have to wait for a few months more to read about my Nikolai again.

Seriously, Alina Starkov has the strength of a thousand bitter eggplants to be able to resist the charms of this man. JUST HOW CAN YOU PUSH THIS GEM AWAY? UGH HER MIND.

3. ‎Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

Well, I have many favorites in the HP series (hello Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore) but I chose Hermione for this list because she’s one of my most favorite heroines of all time. Yeah Hermione is a hero. Not a sidekick. Anyone who disagrees can jump into the void now. I relate to her in many levels and she is a bookdragon inspiration to me.

A million praises to her for bringing books to a Horcrux-hunting quest because no bookdragon can function well without books to help us in deadly situations. Hermione is a queen 👸



1. Reading book reviews before reading a book is not healthy.

Negative reviews can bias a bookdragon’s judgment towards a book and can make them hate the book even before reading them. Positive reviews can possibly make a bookdragon PRESSURED to like the book. I think everyone agrees that the hype can be scary sometimes. I avoid reading book reviews before reading a book. I save them for after.

2. ‎I’m not entirely against dog-earing books.

I know that books are our most beloved children and we should treat them with absolute care but if a bookdragon’s way of showing affection towards a book is by dog-earing them, then why should I protest? If some bookdragons have the habit of dog-earing their books, we should not treat them like pariahs and demons from the deepest bowels of Tartarus. It’s their books and it’s their decision what to do with them.

Just don’t dog-ear them TOO MUCH. Don’t burn them or expose them to too much moisture. Don’t let your pets chew on them too. Just—protect them at all costs, okay?

3. ‎Books should have plastic covers.

I already told you about my water-blessed palms and that’s the reason why most of my books have plastic covers. I didn’t know it was a unique habit until I met a lot of bookdragon friends and they told me they DO NOT cover their books in plastic. I cannot pet the velvety covers of my books because of this but I think a book can also be preserved better this way.

If you cover your books in plastic, let me know so that we can be best friends.



1. Physical books are better than e-books

There’s no greater feeling than holding a book in your hands and sniffing them until the sun rises. E-books do not give you the same feels. Sure, they’re convenient and I absolutely love my Kindle app but physical books possess a different kind of magic.

2. ‎I enjoy reading hyped books

I spent these past few months reading hyped up books because I’ve gotten so tired of living under a rock. I can say that most of the hyped books I’ve read lived up to my expectations. The hype IS scary but it can also be your next greatest bookish ally.

3. ‎We will never read all the books in our TBR pile.


I saw a person on Twitter who claimed to have finished every book in their TBR and I was shook and happy for that smol bookdragon (I can’t find the tweet now because it’s lost in the vast clutches of the internet). But there are new books published every single day so I have no doubt that the smol bookdragon is bound to start a new TBR pile again.

Because books keep on being born in this world, we have about 0.01% chance of finishing our TBR piles. Oh it’s such a joy to be a pessimist.



I’m sorry but V. E. Schwab’s books alone make my eye water with their beauty so I can’t really choose three. I also love stags very much so here I go:



1. Keep up with ARCs

I have not read a single ARC for the past two months and now I’m in a brink of civil war with the little evils. I have been trying to read the e-ARCs in my possession for the past few days but I just can’t get into them. I really hope I can keep up with my ARCs and write their reviews before I go back to school.

2. ‎Read Brandon Sanderson’s books

I miss Sanderson’s brilliance and I should really read Mistborn or The Stormlight Archives soon. Their size just scare me a bit but I know they’re going to be brilliant. Sanderson has never failed me before.

3. ‎Surpass my Goodreads reading challenge

I surpassed my old reading challenge but now I increased it from 50 to 75 because I’m an over-achieving smol bean. I’m currently 25 books ahead of schedule which I think is kinda awesome. I actually think I can manage 100 books but I’m going back to school so all my reading plans need some adjustments. For now, I just hope I can surpass 75 books.


There you go! This was a very fun post to write but it fried my brain and put my last two brain cells to good use. I also hope you had fun reading this post 😊


Comment time! Do you use paper boats as bookmarks? Do you cover your books with plastic? How chaotic is your TBR pile right now?

38 thoughts on “3 BOOKISH THINGS TAG ”

  1. Yes Riordan is brilliance. I also love Nicolai and i can’t wait for King of Scars because of it. ❤
    I think people can do with their own books what they like so if they dog-ear, go you. As long as you don’t do it to library books. 🙂
    I really need to start The Stormlight Archive as well but the size is holding me back. But I know this is THE Sanderson books for me to love. (I read the graphic novel and it was just average/and the steelheart trilogy was meh for me). If I don’t like these, that is it. I am giving up on Sanderson. Which might also be why I haven’t picked them up haha.


    1. I love Rick Riordan and Nikolai! I have read only two books by Brandon Sanderson and enjoyed them immensely. Have you tried Elantris and Warbreaker? They’re really good. I know goodreads ratings do not guarantee if a book is good or not but The Stormlight Archive books have 4.5+ star ratings and if the majority like it, I think I might too. I can’t be sure before I read them though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No I havent though I’ve had my eye on Elantris. I’m just not allowed to buy more Sanderson books until I read the ones I have haha.


  2. Ahhh you have such a good taste in book covers 😉 Those are all so pretty!! (And I need to add A Study in Charlotte to the tbr thanks for the reminder 😂)


  3. All the books on here are books I want to read or books I have read. Yes Leigh Bardugo is so good I read the six of crows duology last year (I meant to wait until I read the grisha trilogy first but I opened the book and that plan went on the window but I have those books now and I am going to start them next *squels in excitement*)
    I am so excited for kingdom of ash to come out and the cover is so pretty!!
    I have never made a paper boat *sad face* but I make paper swans. But a paper dragon sounds amazing!!
    Yes my tbr scares me daily but brings me excited in equal measure haha.
    Great post!!! 💛


    1. So we have the same taste in books. Hooray to that! You should still read the Grisha trilogy because my beloved Nikolai is there. I’m sooo excited for KoS too!

      It’s sad that you haven’t made a paper boat yet but I think a paper swan is way cooler. I hope we get to the bottom of our TBR pile someday. Glad you loved the post 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! Yes I am excited to read them 😊 yess new books yes please!
        Haha maybe one day I will make a paper boat 😂 yes hopefully- miracles can happen 💕


  4. Leigh Bardugo is brilliant and I’ve binge read her series multiple times 😊😊😊 and throne of glass is an obsession of mine… I actually binge read this series in under a week, even forgetting to sleep sometimes 😜😜😜
    Nikolai Lantsov is such an amazing character… King of Scars can’t release soon enough !!!
    Loved your post and all your answers… Nice way to get to know you better 👍👍


      1. Haha… I remember starting Empire of storms in the evening and by the time I was done, I saw the time and it was 5 in the morning.. I had totally forgotten the time.., that was an intense week 😊😊😊
        Definitely loved getting to know you better !!!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. This tag is absolutely brilliant and I loved reading your answers. Who DOESN’T use paper boats as a bookmark, that is really the question.

    I am about to be buried by my TBR and need to order a tombstone to mark where it takes my life.


    1. AHH FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS. Paper boats are essential parts of a bookdragon’s life. Seriously.

      Tell me where you ordered your tombstone so I can order mine too 😶


  6. I LOVE PAPERBOATS!! Tho i do not use them as bookmarks, coz the one i make are really fat. And they make the book look bulgy which i don’t like. And yes i use price tags as book marks or literally any peice of paper i can cant in my hands reach, i make different book marks for differnt books. Coz they deserve it.
    I agree on the review part, there are many books which i didn’t read totally on the basis of the bad reviews. (Guilty) as for plastic covers…. it feels weird so my books are bare 😅


    1. YES TO YOUR LOVE FOR PAPERBOATS! I flatten them when I use them as bookmarks so they become more convenient to use.

      I understand the feeling of not covering books. You’re part of the majority. Thanks for reading, muski 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I really should cover my paperbacks and comics in plastic but I don’t. I’m too lazy for that 😀

    I agree on the review part, especially when people love certain books. It can either ruin the book because you expected more or even make you feel bad for not liking a book that other people do. It can be nice though when other people hate a book, so you have low expectations but end up loving the book.

    I still have some Riordan books I need finish. Like I haven’t even started Kane Chronicles or book two in Trials of Apollo.


    1. Ah laziness is very normal. I know the feeling all too well. My mom covers my books when I’m lazy.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. i’m waiting rest of trials of opollo books to be translated. mythology is hard enough in my mother languages.

        i do own books 1 and 3 of kane chronicles. i just haven’t started them yet.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh. I see. I hope you read ToA soon. And I also love Kane so much. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do 😊


  8. AHH I LOVE YOUR ANSWERS SO SO MUCH!! And I confess I don’t cover my books in plastic because I’m not a demigod (congrats tho on your dad Poseidon and blue smol bean brother Percy) but my old library used to! 😂 It was handy for not wrecking covers?! Horrible for trying to take photos without a glare hhaha. Also afdskald I love all the Riordan characters so much! Leo! Nico! PERCY! Apollo! FRANK. 💛💛💛

    But c’mon Rain how dare you say we won’t be able to read all the books. 100% my plan is to live forever so I can do this.


    1. THE GLARE IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. That’s one disadvantage of plastic covers ugh.


      I apologize for underestimating you. I actually think you can read all the books. Hmm I also plan to live forever. I wished it on the blood moon actually.

      HERE’S TO BEING IMMORTALS! (Hopefully)


  9. Wow, I feel like narrowing things down to three for a lot of these would be… a giant challenge for me. I love the “weirdest bookmarks” question… I have stuck some seriously strange things in books to keep my page (including but not limited to other books which also contain a book being used as a bookmark, the cord of a laptop charger, and a pepper shaker (desperate times).)


    1. It was really difficult to narrow down things to three. Ah I sometimes use a book and a cord as bookmarks too. Readers are weirdly cool 😂


  10. I don’t even know how to make a paper boat. I do use whatever as a bookmark though… those little inserts that come out of magazines, library receipts, receipts that I find lying around the house… if all I can find are big sheets of paper, I’ll tear a corner out of the paper and use that. I’m not picky.

    I’d have trouble finding three favorite authors. I have two that definitely go in the top two spots… but then in third place there’d be like 10 or 20 people, LOL.


  11. Wow this tag is just so cool!! Haha I use price tags as a bookmark too! I agree with you on how book reviews can sway our judgement before we read a book. I still like to read book reviews before I read a book, but sometimes reading too many really good reviews makes me feel a little pressure while reading that I should like the hyped book too. And yes, I definitely agree that physical books are better than ebooks.


    1. Yes this tag is great! I had many difficult decisions in writing this post but I certainly had fun. I’m glad you agree with me on many things! I also appreciate that you read this long blogpost 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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